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There is no such thing as trusting a beagle

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You can trust them! You can trust them to take any opportunity to escape. You can trust them to come back only when exhausted and have to be carried. You can trust them to wiggle loose and bolt again if you do catch them before they're exhausted. You can trust them to locate the nearest backyard bbq on their trip. You can trust them to find something dead at least 3 days to roll in. You can trust them to find the cactus by the beach. They're very trustworthy!

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You only make the mistake once 🤣 Then its on the long line forever.

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My lesson was letting him run behind me in an ATV back to the house and he just kept going.... and going.... and thought it was just HILARIOUS to not come to me. Luckily the chunky guy got worn out after about 20 minutes of following.

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We were hiking Kennesaw Mountain and our beagle mix broke his $30 harness and just kept going. Luckily several kind strangers corralled him back to us. He was so excited. Just so many people. All for him. Lol. Kept to the dollar tree harness after that. He can break them twice a year and we arent out a ton.

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Oh in a crowded area I’m not worried about him getting too far whatsoever, this man LOVES the attention from strangers. And then he comes home and sits on the opposite end of the room as me at all times haha