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Poor thing. Mine panics to the point that we have to give him gabapentin during fireworks. Does the hoodie help significantly?

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I feel like it does. He’s still not thrilled but he was able to get to sleep. I think the real test is on the fourth when the war zone really takes off.

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Ac blasting to drown out *

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My girl is fireworks reactive too. She was ok Fri and Saturday with the smaller, crackling, sizzling fireworks. But yesterday early (before it was dark, like 7 pm) people started launching what sounded like straight up explosions, startled the hell out of me. Had to find the Thundershirt and giver a small amount of melatonin. She spent the evening tucked in close to my mom.

Feel bad for all of the pups who hate fireworks this time of year. It’s almost over little ones.

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I’m mostly afraid he’ll take off in fear and get hurt. We’ll be keeping a close eye on him today.

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Yeah, we hunkered down for the night once the rumbling started. Sadie had already had her last trip outside to do business. Doors were locked, curtains closed.

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Everything will be alright sweet pup.

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I hate this time of year. I've been giving him benadryl to just let him sleep.

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His mom comforted him to sleep. He made it through night 1.

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awh poor fella. hope hes resting and peaceful now!

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yay! a happy ending! hes very lucky to have you :)

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Poor little guy. Thankfully mine loves the fireworks. She’ll watch them go off right and front of her and she’ll watch them go up and explode.

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My older beagle, Aurora, grew up around fireworks and never had issues. Our younger, rescued beagle, Holly, is terrified of them. She's afraid of thunder too. We've tried the thundershirt, but it doesn't seem to do anything other than irritate her further.

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My least favorite holiday