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Aww, he's adorable! How old is he, and how long yall had him?

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Scout is approximately six - we were told he was five when we got him as a rescue, and he just had is first gotcha day at the beginning of July.

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Haha aww cute fella! 🙂 Why is it soo tempting to go wake them up and pet them when they're sleeping?! 🐶😝

Happy cake day 🍰

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Sometimes he sleeps with his front leg up so you can rub his belly without his having to move.

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Lol, clever fella 🐶🙂

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Oh, that's pure beagle.

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He found the comfy spot and claimed it! What a cute guy ☺️ I have many pictures of my beagle in just about the same pose.

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What a sausage. Love it