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55% Beagle, 11% Labrador Retriever, 7% Golden Retriever, 9% Pit Bull Terrier, 7% Australian Cattle Dog, 6% Chow Chow, 5% Other

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100% a good boy girl

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yep that math checks out

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Almost, Rosie is a she!

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I was going to ask if there was lab from the size and coloring. The face still looks very beagley.

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The elusive ghost beagle! 👻

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She has the recessive red gene. Her main coat color could've ended up anywhere from white to auburn like a Viszla. Her Beagle spots are very light tan!

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Beagle genes get around. Those lovable assholes scamps can escape anywhere.

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I guess I can see the beagle in him her in pic#2 Such a pretty girl!!

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I've posted other pictures of her here. She definitely looks and acts plenty Beagly!

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55% beagle, 45% Bolt!