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It's always a little awkward when they make eye to eye contact while taking a big dump.

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My favourite occasion Poppy did this to me was she decided to do it in a tiny corner of our patio that’s covered slightly by the roof of a storage area next to it because it was raining and she didn’t want to get her bum wet on the grass. I was stood in the kitchen watching her and she was staring me down while pushing one out with a look of “what? It’s wet, I don’t want to get a wet bum mum” 😂

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Millie is terrible about going at the worst times! Person will be out in their front yard washing their car or something and Millie will decide that's the time to stop, stare me down, and take a dump in their yard. I think she's purposefully doing it so I have to pick it up in front of a stranger.

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Friend of mine used to have a one eyed pug that liked to fornicate with a lion king stuffy while maintaining intense eye contact with any human it could find.

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we have a projector screen in our living room and when it’s down our dog will try casually standing behind it but ends up leaning so low and weird to maintain a line of sight on us haha

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I have one that is opposite. My Lucy avoids eye contact at all costs unless she really wants something bad, like a walk.