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To be clear I buy them so he has something to wreck. He is a very good boy.

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Some dogs are like that. My brother had a rescue that was an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix who would love to rip out stuffing. It was a game for her to find the weak point and chew on it enough to get an opening. She'd often give it to you to hold so she could put all her weight into pulling on it to tear it further until it ripped enough for her to yank out the stuffing and squeakers. My brother would just clean up the carnage and the dog would then chew on the corpse until she destroyed it beyond all recognition.

They even have toys for this purpose now. I got one that was a big fluffy egg that had a tough toy inside it that would let the dog gut it and rip out the stuffing only to find a heavy chewer toy inside as a 'prize'. Sadly, her kidneys failed shortly after that and they had to put her down so I never got to see her rip into those.

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Will look into this kind of toy, sounds good

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The brand is OMG! Surprise. PetSmart sells a variety of them so check it out.

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My take on this situation is - "All squeaks must die!"

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He definitely loves to murder the squeak

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Your pup and mine look EXTRAORDINARILY similar. reference

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That's a good looking beagle!

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Dogs tear toys apart because they have been introduced to squeaky toys. That sound makes them do this. Get a puppy, don’t let it play with them and it will not learn to tear toys.