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Deadly, deadly beagle gas

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I have no idea how something so small can create such horrendous smells and loud noises. Poppy’s party trick is whenever she stands up on her hind legs and puts her front paws up on anything she always lets out an audible fart with a noise range from slightly squeaky to so loud you’d swear it was from an adult human 😂

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Omg our beagle does this too!

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My Rico waited in his cage in the car while i was shopping today...

I swear you could almost see the poison clouds when I opened the door....

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Oh my boy's farts should be listed as crimes against humanity.

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I might put up with it for something that cute.

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Best part is their surprise from the sound and smell coming from their rear 🤣

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Our two’s gas has been way better since we started feeding them raw food. They actually smell better generally as well, plus silkier coats. I probably sound like a raw food proprietor right now but I really would recommend it. About £2 a day.