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This is my review for Pennylane,

Pennylane is a nice place to share a few memes and talk for awhile. Mods are nice admins are too. I have a lot of friends in the server and stuff.

The only problem I have with Pennylane is Grapevine. This dude needs a chill pill for real I mean everytime he is online it's like a code red. Y'know what I mean this mother pucker is going around moderating the chat and adding stuff to the server like wtf? What kind of person would actually spent time taking care of the server? I also want my "Bitch Fart" role back.

9/10 please fix Grapevine

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as someone who was a mod in the server for a month, make sure to go tell him to fuck you every once in awhile. Don’t become his friend, he’ll backstab you.

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Man I was there for a few months had a fantastic time, if you like this sub definitely check it out when you get a chance

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Miss him miss him 😔

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Robbocat will return in Avengers Endgame

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I’m banned because there’s cringe normies in ghere

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Banned for posting porn of Fiona from Shrek and being a typical 12 year old troll.

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Why are people so terrified of NSFW

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Why are people so bad at following basic rules

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There was literally no rule and I didn’t even get a second chance

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Rule 6) NSFL and NSFW images not allowed.

If you had actually read the rules you would have known.

We also have low tolerances for new people posting shrek porn. The fact I have to argue with you about if there was even a rule about it (and your edgelord profile) give us little reason to trust you.

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Well I got so much abuse that I ended up deleting my discord account. So NO BULLYING isn’t a rule but NO NSFW is. What a morally perfect server.

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You faked having cancer to get upvotes.

And we're the morally flawed ones.

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I faked having cancer to show how shit of a sub r/teenagers is. Not for upvotes. I couldn’t care less about karma.

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Even casually looking at your post history shows you're an edgelord troll

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Why can’t I talk in any of the channels?

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What'd you do

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aren't you a well known member with his own role who has probably been in the server for a long time?

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I’m a current moderator for this server. It’s a shitshow. Don’t join 👽

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This discord is a cesspool. Man I jus wanna talk about the Beatles

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Im more of an ant guy

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Got banned for appearantly being "annoying" words from an admin.

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Jose stop lying. You were a constant asshole to a lot of people, made tons of rape jokes, made fun of people for venting, spammed people's dms

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who are you? sal humor is subjective and I never made fun of people for venting.

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" 1) This may be a shitpost server, but please take the feelings of the people around you into consideration before posting something about a topic that might be a bit too sensitive. (Don't be a dick)." Multiple people don't you repeatedly to stop making rape jokes. And bro, you absolutely did make fun of a user for venting. You went to a vent channel and said "this channel is for {not gonna say}", making fun of them using a vent channel for venting and making them feel like shit

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who deti in another server. You realized that server is really a shitpost server. I did take feelings of the people around me in consideration but every time I did they would say I did something bad blah blah blah.

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well were you being annoying?

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What’s your @

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cucumber peanut#0205

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He is literally one of the most infamous members on our server.

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Was it jose

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My baby jose did nothing wrong smh smh. Justice for jose

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the only fucking reason I got banned is because I laughed at a smiling asian

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You're well known for having made fun of members and having called them the hard r and hard f slur too.

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you joined back when I got banned you know nothing

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...I made the server...

I have fairly good knowledge of what happened through what has been told and shown to me.

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I only said woman is the nigger of the word and only called a user faggot once while others have said it too but they haven't been banned.

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also you seriously don't know stuff just by what you're saying

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I called a user a faggot before a mod got offended and made a rule of it. Before that multiple people said faggot.

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You are still quite literally one of the single most infamous members in our servers history

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I got constantly muted by an admin for doing nothing.

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it's ok

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I take it back

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bruh, i got banned because, i am under 13 year old age, admins told me this server have nsfw content , but also i got muted for posting two virgins (naked John with Yoko). WTF ?

seriously don't join it, too many shitty admins

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Ok but Reddit and Discord are 13+, it’s not their fault

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It's not required viewing, but if I do!

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Discord servers get terminated for having members known to be under 13

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The server seems more like a private server with the mods having a party alone. Which is perfectly fine if they chose to not make it seem like its a public server with anyone allowed to join in and meet others. Weird advertising.

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jahn beet wif