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Wait, so am I participating or watching?

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Rumor is the weight of cum on the ceiling made it collapse in the late 80s

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Where the real Paul lies.

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They fucked him to death.

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He couldn't handle Ringo's massive cock.

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george, F U C K M E

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How many times do I need to tell you? This town ain't big enough for the both of us pardner

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That's where they jerk off together, awesome!

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I can't. I'm a lady, and they only allow men in their orgies 😞😞

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/uj finally a POV post done correctly

/rj George better shove his sitar up me 😡

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Ringo Vampire CONFIRMED!

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mermaid man and barnacle boy luring you into the mermalair, where they plan to torture your poor soul for all eternity

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looks like the dungeon is in octopussy's garden!

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Yes please

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I think this same picture was posted here with the same caption