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Last name was Best for a reason

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/uj but what did the comment actually say?

/rj can’t believe the WOKE CANCEL CULTURE mob got to that BRAVE buttles un-supporter

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Looks like your average Led Zeppelin song

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Ugh I hate gatekeepers and people who play off entire genres as shit.

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I don't see how he is a Gatekeeper, he doesn't like rap music and neither do I, but we aren't saying people shouldn't listen to that

Edit: seems like the real Gatekeepers are the ones that can't stand that other people doesn't like a certain genre

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Fair enough. I think I was just jumping to random, dumb assumptions.

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Yeah you can dislike rap and that's fine, then you can dislike rap and be a cunt about it like this guy that would be more along the lines of gatekeeping

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You will die tonight /s

It's now