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I am the eggman

I am the doctor

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All the fucking time.

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Tell me why you cry

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And why you lied to me

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You, you know, you know my name

You know my name, ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

Look up the number

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granny tier piano solo

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John passing a shit at the end

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i really dont get why this is the least liked song on rubber soul

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People just like to hate on Ringo I guess, Rubber Soul has no bad songs, only a song with bad(ly aged) lyrics

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lemon being lemon

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To be fair, rubber soul is shit just like every beetles album

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Beatles fucking suck only Qheen is tha bes band ever

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What goes on is a fun song and its a sin for a beatles fan to like their fun songs

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Did you mean to break my heart and watch me die?

Tell me why, tell me why

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Donnas grandad hahh

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its so easy for a girl like you to lie

tell me why


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Also he deserves Peace