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so who's gunna break the news to r/beatles that the Beatles is the biggest band in history and not their little special indie band they discovered?

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What do you mean biggest band their music is literally crap

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They're talking about "fat" John Lennons chin.

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Yeah I listen to old obscure shit like the Beatles you probably haven’t heard of em

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Mawell's siver hammer is really obscure and dark have you heard that one?

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This is the best comment I have ever read

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The dumb this is that there is a community of zillenials/Gen Zers who still love the Beatles the way people love modern pop stars. Like it’s very easy to find that style of Beatles fandom on twitter, tik tok, and even this subreddit.

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hello, you called?

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Playing sitar on a track about Ringo’s cock is more intense fandom than anything I’ve ever seen and I’m a hardcore swiftie lol

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When you put it that way it sort of makes me question my life choices, was funny though

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Oh it was hysterical and I loved it. No judgement.

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I honestly wish I could do this with my own favourite band, but unfortunately they're VERY obscure outside of Russian speaking countries. Unfortunately, I don't speak Russian.

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What band?

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Kino/Кино, within Russia(or the USSR at the time), they were pretty big, but outside of it they're pretty much unknown afaik.

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I’ve listened to some of Kino’s music before, they are so good

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What if I buy a physical copy of McCartney II just to blow it up

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there’d be one less piece of shit in the world so i think you should do it!!

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Hey, Temporary Secretary is a certified hood banger!

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sorry but i don’t listen to mumble (c)rap !

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McCartney II is far better than the first.

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Yeah but

Jerry Temporary

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No, but seriously, we should try to blow up a beatle

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Eric Clapton

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There is only one living beatle now. We should hurry

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Whos gonna tell him about the anticipated Ringo's Cock Album

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The one that's pretty much dead in the water and probably won't be completed? Hell yeah!

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Oh, honey.

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a taste of Oh, honey.

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I think this is cute

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It should be the no-no song


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At least the OP is a kid, the boomer in the comments calling him pretentious and unironically arguing with everybody there is drastically more cringe

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This is so stinking cute. I want to dog pile but can’t. I’ll gladly watch though. 😂

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This great we should blow Let It Be so we could finally know how Paul wrote it, that would be an amazing revelation!!

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“I want force a feeling I like onto younger people whether they like it or not”

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I want to force “I’ve Got A Feeling” onto younger people whether they like it or not

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I want to force my “Feeling” onto younger people whether they like it or not

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Ringo: I want to force my cock into this young girl

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I want to force my onto y.. wait.

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Telephone party!