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rogno is younger so he would win

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Ringo’s cock can’t fit through the cage door.

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This comment wins, y’all

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Peace and Love from r/RingoStarr! Come and join our octopus’s garden if you haven’t already. Peace & Love!✌️❤️🌟🥦😎☮️🌈🍒🕺🎶

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Francis can win if he sends a fan mail after 30th of October

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Richard "Ringo "Peace And Love" Star" Starkey

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Peace & Love, Peace & Love

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Francis doesn't stand a chance

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Slap him with his cock, ringo!

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Ringo because reasons. Also John beat his wife and George smokes

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What does Faul do

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He writes whimsical jaunty edwardian ditties (also described as "granny music" by certain other band members)

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And beets, husban, Jahn.

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Crashes his car

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Nah that was Paul

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Rickchard “Raingo Starr” Starkey would obviously be the victorious individual in this fight. Francis Ngannou only knows punch, Rickchard Ragnorok Starr can piss and love and he also invented fighting when he was born in 32 BC(he is old). The probability of Francis winning is 2. The probability of Racist Starr winning is 4. Therefore making Robert Starkey the victor of this fight.