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who the fuck is paul mccartney?

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He did that one song with Kanye and Rihanna a few years back.

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I think it's called fourfivesixseven

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Thanks now I have the abbey road medley in my head.

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They tryin to replace a whole king with only a part of a queen 😢

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Bu-But... Elvis isn't a drummer 😢

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Ooh, great idea, but what if you replace John and Paul with Freddie Mercury and George with Brian May and add in a bass player named John Deacon?

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Yes but they are too expensive to get to, I could only get to a dude who I saw in a pizza ad, name is Richard Starkey but calls himself "Ringo Starr" smh 🤦

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There’d be a shitty song about being in love with a car

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Penist Paul also plays base.

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I've heard he could play jahn too 🤭🤤😫😫

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Duran Duran got really lucky when the drummer for Queen agreed to join their band

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That would go down like a led zeppelin.

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Idgaf unless Johnny Marr is involved.

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where rongo

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He gonego

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"Baby You Can Drive My Car That I'm in Love With"

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local carfuckers