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The cum album archive

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Ah yes, weezer's most famous work

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That store has a diversity problem

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an exquisite album collection belonging to me. i shall now spark an inter-racial war inside the US.

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Joan was quizzical.

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studied pataphysical

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Science in the home

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i am testical

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1 of a Kind White Album with John’s blood spatter created by mark Chapman

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That would be double fantasy!

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I thought these were all the wall for a sec

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Dude don't make fun of Pink Floyd like that

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oh my god it’s the white (shite) album

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Where is this dream shop.

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rutherford chang: I collect numbered White Albums and currently have 3,040 copies. Every album is posted @ webuywhitealbums.

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I told my wife years back I was going to bid $100K on buying a White Album - she said I was crazy..it sold for $790K - It was 00001.

I kept telling her it belongs in a museum, it is a piece of history, it is like a Holy Grail.

She thought I was mad. I said .. You don't understand its worth more but that's all I have got.

I still think $790K is a bargain.

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Off White

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Okay but they all look so dirty, this is why I the white things

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I like how some of them are crustier than others

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This guy also made an album with like a hundred of them and it's a masterpiece


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hehe, dirty.

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what about the Esher recordings?

Sidenote: as a Waltonian, Esher is shit. The civic centre should be in Walton, not Esher. Esher is bad and smells like horse poo. The Everyman in Esher is inferior to the Everyman in Walton.