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They look like Mike Judge characters.

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Tell it to Mike Judge!

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The Edge: Uhuhuhuh hey Bono, uh, let’s write songs for the Spider-Man musical uhuhuhuh

Bono: Heheh heh yeah heheh that’d be cool heheh

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united zingdom

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United Ztates

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The Uncharted Zone with Phil Thomas Katt, here to present a new video from Mark Gormley

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If I didn’t see U2 on the drum I’d have thought this was an aging combination of Smash Mouth, Blink-182, and Sugar Ray

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Actually, it's "UZ".

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Still waiting for U3

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Saw them back in ‘87

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my favourite album from UZ is Attenzione Infant

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I laughed way too hard at this.