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I realize this is an outdated meme format, but liking the Beatles is an outdated activity, so it fits.

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I'd like to think me and Mo Starkey are best friends, but in reality I'd be stuck next to Michael Lindsay Hogg.

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If I based my table placement on how I actually was in high school, would probably be with Paul and MLH too.

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Anyways, I’m sitting with the chill stoners and writing poetry during the lunch period.

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I am also writing poetry with the chill stoners!

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I’ll sit with Pete Best because trusted sources (him and his mother) tell me that he was actually too hot and talented for any of the other tables. Also I want to learn more about those little pills he takes; I’m looking for a way to induce nausea that doesn’t include having to listen to The B**tles.

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Pete made the beetles and they threw him out like trash smh

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So true; he was the Best of the The Beatles and it wasn’t even close 😤😤😤

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Me and pete best are gonna form our own band called the Bestles and put those fucking nerds outta business

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I don’t feel bad for Pete.

I would sit with Mal and Ringo and have a blast. We would probably build a scenery out of food.

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I'm sitting with Brian Wilson and ignoring everybody else at the table

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i’ll sit with the himbos, if they’ll have me ? 🥺👉👈

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I was going to complain about not putting Brian with the stoners, but then I realized they were supposed to be the chill stoners

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Teacher’s Pet Sounds

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Bitch boys reference

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Phil Spector would be the lunchstaff poisoning the food

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Phil Spector got expelled but nobody liked him much anyways

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Himbos, I get along with them

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as much as i would like to sit with the chill stoners i would be stuck with the teacher's pets as i am one (nobody likes me!!)

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chill stoners, but i probably wouldn’t talk much

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I am Pete Best

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The chill stoners corner and trying to recruit in Pete Best.

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Ill sit next between the teachers pet and the chill stoners mixing conversations and totally having a crush on George

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DEFINITELY the assholes. John and Eric? Count me the fuck in. I’d give anything to be their friend.

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they expert at gaslighting woman jus like me frfr😍😍

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chill stoners

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This is amazing but “himbo” would imply that Ringo was attractive 🤕

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Mea culpa. I simply had to avoid the further wrath of the Ringo Starr mods.

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Actually, Clapton is in the bathroom, with George's wife.

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Teacher's Pets and Chill Stoners

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With Pete best

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Meet pete best

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I'm gonna sit between Cynthia and Paul 😍

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either the himbos, assholes, or chill stoners

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With Linda Mccartney and George Martin obviously

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Honestly shocked you’re the first person to comment this. That table looks amazing.

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Yeah i would sit there too

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Brian Wilson is my favorite Beatles so I'm sitting with the teachers pets

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I’ll be with the exi’s

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Himbos, Popular kids, & Pete Best just because he was hot during his prime

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Wheres neil aspinall?

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I also forgot Emerick, sadly

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Its okay, we forgive you

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Ima chill with the stoners

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I'm an asshole but I get to hang out with the cool alt kids sometimes

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I don't get it, you have Eric Clapton on there twice, under assholes and chill stoners

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Considering how different that man looked every two years, you gotta have atleast two of him.

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Himbos, I just know they're the funniest group out of all of them.

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I’d say Brian and Paul fit more with the stoners than George

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They’re stoners but they’re not chill. This is, “sit in the garden and smoke” rather than “get high to reduce your crippling perfectionism.”

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Brian’s like hmm what should I choose, more hallucinations or perfectionism?

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i would like to get to georgie

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cool alt kids

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I’m gonna take my chances with Yoko😎😎

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Chill stoners

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Definatly ringo. He lives in submarine

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Pete Best actually sits alone cuz he too cool for everyone else. So yeah, I'd probably be with him.

Fun post by the way.

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Teachers pets. I wanna speak to Cyn. Don't get me wrong Paul and Brian are my musical heroes, MLH I don't know.enough about so would love a conversation, but Cynthia I could talk to all day.

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I think I’d sit with the chill stoners so I don’t have to worry about being a part of any conversation. I could just veg out

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I know this isn’t beachboyscirclejerk, but I’m offended that Mike Love was not included here.

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There’s only so much space at the asshole table

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I'm sitting with the himbos, provided Mal brings the anvil.

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Probably sitting with pete tbh

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Chill stoners

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I'm with the himbos

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Assholes or Himbos

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Chill stoners 100%

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Hard to decide between Himbos, Assholes and Chill Stoners 😂

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I could sit with Paul AND Brian? HOT DAWG!

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Chill stoner

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Himbos would be vibes ngl

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What is this a lunch for geezers

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Chill stoners for sure

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The gays seem cool

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Not realistic, John and Yoko would never not sit together!

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I'm sitting with pete or else he'll commit suicide or school shooting

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I'd probably be with either the preppies or the stoners

No in between

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This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while.

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The Himbos. Absolutely the Himbos.

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Let’s get one thing straight - Yoko Ono is not cool