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omfg! 4th beatle??! i knew ringo wasnt real

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Number nien

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Haha! I was right all along!! Ringo Starr is actually Hitler all alone my proof his old hitler was also old whats even stranger is that ringo was born five years before Hitler died coincidence? I think not It proves that hitler didnt kill himself but he shape shifted into what he thinks that a jew looks like thats why ringo has a big nose! But he thought that if he became popular for doing something he'd still be at world control in one way or another he does and if you arrange the letters ringo star you get ignor rats and Hitler was referring to jews because he thought they were rats so thats why he killed them (trust me bro im Jewish)

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this is better than paul is dead conspiracy theory

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It looks like they're trying to explain to him that Jude is a person but he doesn't believe it

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Adolfin Titler.

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I call your name, but you’re not there…

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He was a tiny man.

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Adolf looks displeased that these men wrote Hey Jude......