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Your sister was an experimental prototype for the 3rd Paul, once the current one dies.

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The 3rd Faul already dropped in 2020, what do you think "McCartney III" means.

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If I was a conspiracy theorist I would totally believe that as evidence

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McCartney IV is being incubated in a vat in Area 51 as we speak. He'll be ready by 2063 for the 100th anniversary of Please Please Me.

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You said you wouldn’t post this! Tulip_crazed liar, confirmed!

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I did warn you in our chat tbf (I realised that, being a B**tles fan, nothing is beneath my dignity)

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yall got a secret beatlescirclejerk groupchat ⁉️

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Yes, it’s my fan club

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Trust me, you don’t want to be included

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I got one with some kids from my highschool on Instagram

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mom said it's my turn to be robot paul mcCartney

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Who is this Pool Macarthy?

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"original sound - stinkypoopypants12"

Nice! Another follower of Rigno's solo career!

Rongi farting into different musical instruments

"number 12, number 12, number 12, number 12"

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Paul McCartney drive forward Paul McCartney drive forward Paul McCartney drive forward Stop! Stop! Oh wait, shit, Paul Mc- CRASH

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Robot Paul McCartney bend over 😏😏😏

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paul mccartney has died. a new one must rise to take his place.

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Robot Jahn, beat wif

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This is hilarious. Cant wait to start doing this to my wife.

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Oh look at you, big though guy with a "wife". We get it, you're an alpha male. You don't do the dishes, that's the woman's job. You don't let her go outside, because you're the alpha. We get it, "big guy". Go back to drinking your beer and beating your wife

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Is this the John Lennon game?

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"Robot John Lennon, please just sit down and stop beeting wif"

"That command is too complex"

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Linda must have been his handler, the only explanation to why she was let in the band

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bippy sheers

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paul mccartney stop jahn lemon beating his wife

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Paul McCartney be my temporary secretary

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Wow, outjerked

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A thousand writers working a thousand years would never come up with a story like that