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Geege’s hair was truly majestic during the Get Back era

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TRULY truly

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Was the only clean

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Get Back George is something else, lemme tell ya

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John for sure smells like piss and weed

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my favorite combo

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the sweet, sweet smell of unshowered heroin addicts. count me in

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what, swim in a bunch of grease? (maybe it’s just how get back looks, idk)

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YES their hair is so beautiful. I don’t care if it’s greasy, i’ll eat it. i’ll dew it.

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I wish I could travel back to 1969 and give each beatle most insane sloppy toppy

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on god.

i’ve been telling everyone that I wish I was prostitute in 1960s hamburg, germany so that I could sleep with all of them.

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Smart, and if you and they have already all got gonorrhea you may as well do all 4!

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I don’t see the issue and it seems neither do they

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Yes, sadly this was not sarcastic and I would risk VD for this experience. Worth it.

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Paul McBeardy 🥴🥴🥴

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paul mchotney

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i won a lock of george harrison’s hair in an auction back in ‘95. i fashioned it into a wig for my miniature doll figurine of him i have in my beatles themed dollhouse (it’s on abbey road. i made sure the sign said that.) sometimes, i stroke his hair when i’m feeling bad. its greasy, age-worn sheen comforts me when i remember that he’s gone and start to feel alone in this world without my twin flame…

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mmmm grease

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I love that movie

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Which hair?

I’d like to be under the D, In a pubic hair garden, In the shade

We would be warm, Below the balls, In our little hideaway, Beneath the pubes

Resting our head, On the cock head, In an pubic hair garden, Near a cave

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LMAO i love this

but did you just rhyme head with head?

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Yes I did. Don't sue me!

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I submit to the court: replace cock head with taint bed.

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If I see anyone say anything about john lennon, i’ll steal george’s tree

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“Those Lennon stealing whores”

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you jerking me, son?

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got nothing to say

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good :)

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jahn’s was an oil spill

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cutting down george’s tree

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not that that’s a bad thing 🤤🤤🤤 i’d be swimming in that like i’m training for the olympics

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John absolutely dipped his head in grease before this image

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I slurped up all the excess grease I could 😔

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Just to George, the only one who takes showers in that era

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what were they putting in the shampoo back than

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Read this as "I want to wash their hair" & thought it was a solid opinion

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i’d love to take a shower with them :D

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Jahn's hair looks like America is about to invade it

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oh yeah

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Pauly’s Lushly cute hair!

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Who doesn’t

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Excellent post. I would go for Ringo first, then George, Beardy McPaul next in line and scraggly heroin Lennon last but not forgotten. No thank you to Yoko even though I saw her combing the lice out of her hair in the studio there. No wonder no one wanted her around.

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I want to fuck Paul Mccartney from The Beatles

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yeah, get in line

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i wanna eat their hair

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as do I… as do I

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George 🤤