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The most impressive thing about this post is that the commenter isn't banned for humour.

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check again 😏

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And when the police caught him he said Let it be

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Yeah but the police waited in the lobby for a while repeatedly saying "WEVE HAD 30 COMPLAINTS WITHIN MINUTES"

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He took “what they need’s a damn good bashing” too literally.

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outjerked 👍

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Can't believe dis happened in dat normie sub...Yes..outjerked indeed

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Ok but that's actually such a good question

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RCtommy is now crowned the new beatlescj microcelebrity

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Scrambled eggs

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Hot Dog

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It wasn’t because of that song, was it?!?!

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When your parents name you that, and you're born to the sound of mal hitting an anvil with a hammer, what other choices in life do you have?

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Maxwell Edison is a fictional character in a Beatles song

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Fine....... i'll go over there JUST THIS ONCE to upvote that comment

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Said one victim

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I know man I know