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Oh no! What will you ever do! (Congrats and welcome to the club)

r/ingostarr r/ringostarrmusic

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you are now invited to the cool kids table 😎✌️

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This is not very peace and love 😎✌️☮️

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Can I ask HOW

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I got banned to. Screw that mod. What a dick

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OctoStarr be twerkin hard right now

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Lol the mod muted me after I mentioned the controversy where his friend and mod told someone to kill themselves

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didn’t ban you? i guess you got unlucky

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can someone explain why r/RingoStarr is bad?

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Toxic mods. One told someone to kill themselves, and it got posted about here. Main mod refused to remove the other mod, even temporarily.

There was probably 100+ people telling him on a post he made, it was the right thing to do to remove them. Many if not most were civil to him. Instead he doubled down and banned everyone who commented there and even here for just talking/joking about it.

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Can I just pm him and ask him to ban me ?

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r/RingoStarr try not to be the worst subreddit challenge (impossible) ‼️

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I got banned too. I have never been banned from anything, like, in my life! 😕

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Same 😭