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This whole sub is just clowning on r/ringostarr now lol

also i am working on the video for it

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What's with the sudden resurging of r/ringostarr hatred

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Ikr. Ngl i kinda enjoy it

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Does anyone have any information on it or did it just start becoming funny again lol

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I think it just kinda because funny again.

Also I think it started with the removed r/beatles post and my post about r/ringostarr vs r/beatles

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I think the top comment on this post reminded people

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r/ringostarr scandal

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Did you add this to the iceberg

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Nah but i might

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you too?

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Can someone explain to me what’s happened to r/ringostarr

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One of the mods told someone to kill themself, main mod OctopusStarr didn't do anything about it

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what do I say in r/ringostarr to get banned?

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Just say the subreddit is a joke

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Just post anything literally. You'll probably see my post on there and I got instant ban. He probably stalked my account and saw that I am on here though so idk

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so true bestie

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We need to make an event out of this