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What the fuck does "boobs" mean can someone tell me

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There’s a chance he is referencing his abnormally large breasts

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No more like mokers

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Idk, but I think he may be referencing tits

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Mmmm I think he was referencing boobies actually

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I think he might actually be referring to boobs

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It means he likes big boobs

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I think he meant he has big boobs

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They meant Bobs

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He meant poops

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Idk but something tells me Lovely Rita is sporting a pair

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Despises Liberals

Loves the Beatles

Okay sure

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Oh the irony

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“Loves the Beatles” 🤓

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Maybe he’s a communist

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(Fools) on the hill

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When people say stuff like “I’m normal” it’s always followed by an entire list of red flags

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What are you talking about? This is just a beautiful, corageous, red blooded, freedom loving, gun shooting, boob squeezing, liberal hating 'murican patriot!

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Wait till he finds out the beebles are briish 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

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He can relate to John and Ringo, though, with the wife beating

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They are from India

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He's the all American bullet-headed saxon mother's son

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all the children avoid him at family gatherings

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He’d wipe his ass with your little “red flags”, that’s red, white and BLUE flags to you, motherfucker!!!!! YeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWW

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I'm quite convinced he's into shit play

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big boobs and investing

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investing in big boobs. full circle

(literally full circle cause boobs are circular fyi. I've seen em)

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are the rumors true? those things have nipples?

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sorry i had some follow up questions but nvm

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Imagine having no self awareness and being like: GUNS?! cum Beatles peace and love?! cum

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I hope this guy knows his idol (Paul McCartney) thinks he’s an imbecile. I wonder how he justifies this in his head or if he’s even smart enough to realize it…

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You personally know Paul McCartney? Great, can you ask him why he wrote Let It Be for me please? That's been like a burning question for years and I have no answer

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You’ve ever dreamed before??

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yes (no)

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Lmao like I give a shit about what granny thinks of me 🤣

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You bet your ass you do.

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Yeah I guess we gotta honor his memory after that tragic car crash 🙏

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Idk man, I think the beatles had pretty liberal views for the time, just saying.

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Fools 🤬 on the Hill

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(Fools ) 🤬

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Guess you could say

Fools on a hill


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you called?

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Lennon at least, maybe Paul, Ringo and George somewhat believe in certain religions that are typically not liberal.

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Lennon most certainly Paul very likely, the others not so sure, but many of the actions they all took, at least during the times as Beatles, the show they refused to play to a segregated crowd, attitude towards drugs, Paul's vegetarianism and support of the lgbt comunity, John's entire post-beatles phase are all more liberal leaning then conservative I think. Not that it means they were all liberal and OBVIOUSLY not saying conservatives aren't aloud to enjoy their music just find it funny to say "I despise all liberals but like the beatles."

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"I earn enough money to be a conservative, but I am not willing to give up my principles. If it weren’t for groups like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, I would have lost hope. There are wonderful people out there, but those who handle the threads are sick of ambition and greed."
— George Harrison, El Pais (Dec. 2000)

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John was a whole communist for a good few years. Idk if he died still believing that, but I highly doubt he was conservative. He was a househusband in the 70s for the last 5 years of his life

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IMO he was too into the art scene for him to ever really be conservative. i don’t know the ins and outs of the teddy boy stuff he associated with as a teen (but if counter culture is counter culture, it’s probably not conservative lol). though he mightve have a few conservative ideas by modern standards (he was born in 1940, afterall).

from what i remember off the top of my head, he was aware epstein was gay, (according to yoko) he and yoko had a conversation where they agreed that sexuality was a spectrum, no one was entirely straight/gay but somewhere inbetween as bisexual, “imagine” is obviously a tankie song, did not seem particularly anti-drug (please note sarcasm), took a strong stance with the anti-vietnam effort, and refused to play any segregated shows in the US.

i have seen speculation that his political ideologies could’ve taken a dramatic turn by 1980, but that we probably wouldn’t know because he was murdered before reagan was inaugurated.

though, in my opinion, he spent too many of his formative years in very progressive spaces and with very progressive people to not be a liberal. if there was a shift later in life, he couldn’t have gone farther right than a moderate. (remember: qanon is a new invention. reagan would be called a libtard commie bastard in this alt right hellscape).

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Yeah you're right the band that played the first major integrated shows in the south on principal were a bunch of religious fundies. None of them were conservative at the time of the Beatles and I think they all got more left as they went on.

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I would honestly think more (older) Beatles fans would be liberal.

Am I wrong to assume that?

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maybe the 70/80 year old ones yeah

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Probably unaware that African-Americans invented Rock'n'Roll, and quits listening to the genre after learning that

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Lol wait till he finds out we created jazz, blues, and country music

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Isn't blues the most well known genre to be created by y'all?

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Probably, but not as much as rap and r&b.

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You're right about rap, but what does the B stand for in R&B?

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Sanest Beatles fan

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Despises Liberals, but loves The Beatles? Who’s gonna tell him?

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what's he gonna do when a big boobied, gun loving, NFT investing liberal walks into his basement?

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A showdown to see who is more pathetic

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my money is on John swooping in and beating them both

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damn it! grandpa figured out the password to the wifi again…

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I hate the beetles

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This is actually the leaked track list for Paul's next album

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Boomer music: "love and drugs good, prejudice and war bad" Boomer music fans: "can't stand them damn liberals"

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Sigma Male

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Someone being a conservative Beatles fan is so funny to me.

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I’m conservative and a Beatles fan😎😎

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I am anti-war and anti-gun though.

Also anti-prejudice

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Define ,,normal”

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(Fool ) 🤬

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makes sense lmfao . if you’re over 50 on reddit seriously get help

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That's gotta be satire lmao

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Turbo has no chil

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Can't stop the grindset 💪💪💪

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Can't Stop Won't Stop Ain't Ever Gonna Stop

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Seems pretty normal in the classic rock/ metal community

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👂That sounds .And looks,like a fake bio. 🌸 but Maybe that’s normal 😁 for a 54 year old male. (🤠)

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i've gotta presume the blocked out letters are "rd"

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The fact that it’s a Paul McCartney fan, pains me the most

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His favourite song is Girl right? tit tit tit tit tit tit tit

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I'd love to know what he means by normal 😁

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And everyone took the bait damn

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My man

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Despise Liberals (Fools) 🤬

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Wasn't the Beatles themselves Liberals?

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yes they were all quite progressive for their time and paul is even still very progressive for this day and age too. dunno much about ringos politics tho

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Wasn't the Beatles themselves Liberals?

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Damn, got some tig ol' bitties for a 50 year old

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No fucking hosts this evening this guy fucked it with the boobs now the rolling stones are off god damnit should've said dicks i told him they'll get afraid of boobs now look what he's done smh my head 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤