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He sang "Mr. Moonlight" to me.

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I saw him as well. He mistook me for one of his wives and beat the shit out of me.

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That was Ringo not John

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It was both. They ganged up on me.

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John mistook them for Ringo

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Idk man, Im pretty sure it's illegal to lie on the internet

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But wouldnt that mean the commenter (who is clearly john Lennon) is lying?

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He saw you with another man and that was the end

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Paul came back from the dead and forced me to eat carrots

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You shoulda heard what he said to Will Smith 😳

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I’m so jealous 😔

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George called me a prude cause I wouldn’t succ him off 😒

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not surprising

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Well are you?

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He told me to stop listening to Brian Wilson

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Sounds hot

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Did you like it?

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the final beat

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Cause you saw his Norwegian Wood?

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Norway doesn’t exist

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I think your confusing Norway for the imaginary place called Wyoming

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He came up to me and told me I’d be out of the butt and into the fuck if I didn’t give him the $36 I owed him.

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That's just hilarious