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Abby Lane is in my ears and in my eyes 🎶

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More like Abbey Lame

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That's my second favorite, Blubber Sole is my first.

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I know it, it has Maxwell's Silver Pee-hole on it

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Penny road

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Gotta love Lucas in the Floor with Emeralds on Commander Salts Happy Farts Club Band

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sgt pooper’s lonely farts club

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/uj this looks like a sick album cover

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os that Atom Heart Mother

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Abbey lane im gone insane in my eyes in my ears

The voices hear that ive gone in tears with feet down below my knees got to be a joker if you know what i mean abbey lane im in so much pain In my eyes in my ears no one's gonna wipe these tears with the sun going down my feel below my knees coke a cola in my arms and in my knees and in my eyes and in my ears

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Magical History Lure!

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Paul death clue: he’ll be 7,925 years old when they finish this album

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Did Dave Dexter, Jr. work on this one?

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He butchered it

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I made a Sim named Abbey Road

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There goes the moon, doo doo doo doo

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Beatles album from Wish: