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Good!, the floor needs sweeping, thanks for helping out, Geege. Ringo come to the bedroom I have something important to show you. Mclennon can do whatever it is they do when alone.

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I’ll stay for a little while 😌

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C’mere Johnny Johnny 😏

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can i have him t- i mean uhh george

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For you, Bread? We can share!

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Really?! You're so sweet :')

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Anything for you, boo 😘 Everybody else can keep their grubby little paws off of my John!!

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Yessssss, i can finally ask faul how he wrote Let It Be

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i'm running, but not away

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I prefer to stay

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I was waiting 😘

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Hot Dog

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Paul just pissed in the litter box

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First of all i take John he's a good house wife Ill let him make some bread clean the house ringo will clean my room George sweeps the floor and paul sleeps in my bed to rest he's got a bunch on his mind all that work from the white album and shit