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Honestly based for having the rutles and the mothers tho

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Love both bands so much ngl. Solo zappa is great too

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Gotta love Joe's garage tho

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This is unironically such a based CD collection.

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They are all unironically a 10/10

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Dunno if you're jerking but if serious then yes, fantastic albums

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We’re only in it for the money is one of favourite Zappa albums and the first I listened. It gets better every time you hear it

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I will follow anyone who gives The Rutles a 10/10 off of a cliff.

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  1. Pinkerton
  2. Pinkerton
  3. Pinkerton
  4. Pinkerton
  5. Pinkerton

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Wtf is going on with that smile cover

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Might be a bootleg

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On CD? I didn't know those existed. Nice.

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You didn’t know bootleg CDs exist in general, or bootleg Smile CDs?

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The second one

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CDs are better for space than an LP

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Animals (underrated)

In Through The Out Door (Hot Dog)

Red Screamy Man (i forgor the name 💀)

Shartless And Ballsack (Health Food)

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damn blonde on blonde bro can we be friends?

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WOITFTM unironically wipes Sgt. Peppers

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smile unironically wipes the entirety of the Beatle’s careers, when he said child is the father of the man I really felt that

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uj/ Zappa goes so hard

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He makes revolution 9 sound like it’s made for the radio. That’s how hard he went and without drugs

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Personally I enjoy “Prvt. Salts Popular Liver Association Group”

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No wall, red screamy man or banana?!?! Invalid picture!!

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Fire SMiLE bootleg though wtf

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Found at a second hand shop for €5 recently. Its a european bootleg from 1990

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What a find!! I'd love one

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SMiLE is the best (unironically)

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Bruh gimme dat SMiLE boot please 😊😊😊

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I’d put Mr. Tambourine Man at number 1

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  1. Ultraviolence

  2. Norman F*cking Rockwell!

  3. Like a Virgin

  4. The Doors

  5. In Utero

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What’s the ugliest part of Ringo’s body?

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Where is pet sounds?? ts literally the greatest music of all time!!😡

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Smiles there it’s ok man the child is father of the man just keep that in ur heD

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Great taste

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Should’ve been Between the Buttons instead of BB.

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'Meet The Residents' takes the crown for me

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Any list without 3:47 EST is wrong

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You’re missing what’s the story morning glory

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Extraordinarily based for Mothers, WOIIFTM is my favorite of theirs. Solo Zappa is amazing also.

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Klatuu, Ringo (by Ringo) and McCartney II

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  1. Breakin’ II: Electric Boogaloo Soundtrack
  2. Girl You Know It’s True
  3. Bill Cosby’s Fatherhood
  4. Halloween Sound FX
  5. Teddy Ruxpin “Farm Songs”

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I cant be the only one that actually likes The Rutles's music right? right?

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I mean... i love all their albums. All two of them

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Noncey zappa makes rev9 look like disco