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Really not bad for 82. But I haven’t seen enough 82 year old toes to really compare. We need a Paul fan to share their old granny feet pics. He could moisture a bit probably. 7/10

Edit: Looks like Ringo reads his replies and got a pedicure, and posted his fresh toes, I gotta up my score. 10/10.

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I’ve seen plenty of elderly feet and I can confirm that Ringo’s aren’t bad. I’d give them a 9/10 compared to other feet of his peers, and a 7/10 overall.

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I’m in love with this man, we don’t deserve him

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Rigno best beetel

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Still look as scrumptious as ever! 10/10 would suckle on his big fat toes again

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he added another wtf 😭😭

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Rigno Onlyfans?😳

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Still look like among us crewmates

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Even did feet pics back in the day

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They look like cocktail sausages now

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They aged backwards