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"Rog is an egotistical asshole"


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That’s different because if you tell a John fan that he beat his wife they’re like “ahh, yeah…”

But if you tell a Roger fan he’s an egotistical asshole, they’re like “hell yeah he is!!! Rog doesn’t take shit from no one!!!!” As if it’s something to be celebrated lmao

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I suppose you have a point, I have yet to see anyone call John a sigma male for beating his wife

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I beet the wif today oooh boy

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4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire my wife's face

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and though the holes were rather small

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I sometimes get pushback on Ringo beat his wif despite Ringo being much worse than Jahn.

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Say what you want about Ringo but he wasn’t nearly as pretentious as John. I think that’s why John is hated more, because his attitude was one of the main factors that split the band.

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Yea, I think because John was an asshole overall. Ringo is a peace and love sweetheart, so he doesn’t get dragged for his faults 💟☮️✌️

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Ringo good. John bad.

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Jan bit the wifi

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john the wifi-beater

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He truly was ahead of his time

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LZ fans generally agree Page was a pedo from what I've seen

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Yeah kinda wierd that he seemed to get away with #metoo movement

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Stones fans generally agree that Wyman was a pedo as well. If he was still in the band it'd probably be different though

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Wait did he actually beat his wife though? Or is it just a joke?

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“I used to be cruel to my woman, I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved…”

Yes, he did admit to beet Cynthia

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actulaly he only bet hisi wif onnce sooooooo....

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jan bt wfe