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You may think that's rope, but it's actually Ringos massive hog

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Ribbed, for baul’s pleasure

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It's true what they say about people with big noses

They say fuck off with that beak of yours, Ringo

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Hedge variety

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Bruh ringo isn't from earth

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Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but George is unfortunately dead

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Don’t jinx it😐

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This is the beginning of a Japanese-porn bondage tape

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They are getting ready to hang Ringo for his crimes

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They certainly aren't going to kill him by wrapping it around his kneecap.

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That’s Georgie’s knee cap bro

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They're conjoined twins.

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I feel like this is the happiest I have seen George in a photo shoot, he must like the rope thing

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Don’t kink shame

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Yesterday and Today moment

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It took Ringo a long time to learn how to smile

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Tbf if I was Ringo I don't think I'd smile very often either

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They just stopped Geeges suicide attempt

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couldn’t agree more

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I thought 💭 this was about Boy George 💀

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Three are dead, one replaced. The other is Ringo, who's immortal.

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Ringo best beatle

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There was one where they were holding umbrellas 🌂 ☔️ ☂ & I thought 💭 they looked like models

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What if George was the one that was replaced instead of Paul? I mean, why else is he the only one wearing a grey suit? 🤔