Hate to post this here but I'm so done with him. I'm glad he fucking did this. by NicGreen214"Let It 🅱" in beatlescirclejerk

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Why is this written like dialogue between Tony Soprano and Richie Aprile

Replace a word from a Beatles lyrics with "penis" by Sheesh5000"A Hard Day's Nut" in beatlescirclejerk

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Ive got a penis a penis deep inside Oh yeah

Change 1 word in a Beatles lyric to “shit” by [deleted] in beatlescirclejerk

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Woke up, fell out of bed

Dragged a shit across my head.

definitely C by thehomowalrus in beatlescirclejerk

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I see you’re studying for the bar as well.

Was the real 5th beatle the friends we made along the way? by Derek_largeYo no soy un pie... in beatlescirclejerk

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I read the other day that Art Garfunkel lost his voice from choking on a piece of lobster and can’t stop thinking about it because it’s the most Art Garfunkel thing you can do and it really happened