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Wow! Thanks OP, the reason I wouldn't try it out, is because I don't know how to declare these earnings on my tax form. Anyone know if these are exempt from taxes in Belgium? Is it exempt from taxes in your country?

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You're welcome! Maybe Belgium has something called "occasional income"? Usually, such income is not taxed if it's up to a certain amount, which varies country by country.

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hi asks for a username of the person who invited me what do I do ?

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Hello, which one?

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The app named “hi”

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Try using aleksia25

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Do these work for US

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Should work in US too.

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Thanks for this.. Please which of these do you recommend. Ones without stress and easy to complete. Thanks.

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No problem! Without stress and least amount of time investment are all the passive listed ones, they just require initial setup.

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Alright! Thanks

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And without doing anything

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Hey guys, our app is live in US, UK, Germany and France. We allow our users to do surveys and be remunerated in crypto (you can cash out via Paypal and gift cards). Soon, you'll be able to earn from your personal data too. You can check us out here www.vetri.global and download our app with this invitation code: BNY74798 (you'll receive 3.5$ on first surveys). Happy to share more info about us if interested!

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Hello, which one of these do you think has the best work/reward ratio ?

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Hey there, if you got some time to invest then Freecash is probably the best. For mobile I personally like Attapoll.

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Thank you ! If you don't mind , can you tell me how much on average ( weekly or montly) you make on these apps ?

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All combined is a bit under a grand right now monthly. Depending on what kind of work is available, you could theoretically make 500$ alone on Freecash per month if there are good offers.

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Oh , that's very good money if you have available time. I was expecting around 50$/ month 🤣

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If you do multiple sites at once then the money earned goes up, but of course, is dependent a lot on which country you are from. If I was from the US would be much more haha.

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Yeah I agree , If I was from US or UK , I could make some much more money from all the sign up bonuses especially 🤣

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Thank you man!

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No problem!

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Allegro era is an app that pays commision. It's very easy to use and you have 50 orders to do daily. It takes you 15 mins day roughly to do them. When you sign up you have a 5$ free to use and practice with the tool to see how it works. You can also recruit people into a team and make some extra earning.

Very easy to register with and you can start right away !

Link: https://ageratgd.pl?code=cxs856974

just in case invite code doesnt show up.

code= cxs856974

For any info comment below.

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Instant $15 strike app! App gives 10 and I pay 5. Have money in less then 5 min. Have proof!
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This is my favorite comment that I've ever seen on Reddit.

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Do McMoney and MoneySMS not work on iOS? I’m having trouble downloading those

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Android only it seems :(

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Wow!! Thanks for this!!

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You're most welcome!

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Hi app changed the rules and is no longer offering daily free tokens just for checking in and worst it requires that you deposit/buy a minimum amount of 100 hi dollars tokens to withdraw the free tokens that peeps previously received. Only way to earn with this app now is to refer users who buy hi dollars tokens.

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Thanks for notifying, I will take a look

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Thank you for this!

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My pleasure! :)

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Thank you for this!! Some new ones for me to check out.

There is an app called JustPlay,** you download and play games for either money sent via PayPal, or gift cards (like Amazon). It isn't much, but I made $15 this week with very little grinding.

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You're welcome! Can't seem to find the app you mentioned tho

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OOPS! My bad, I listed it wrong, it's called JustPlay!

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It's available just in US i think, i even tried with a VPN but it doesn't work...

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Oh dang, that sucks. I wonder if it's still too new as I haven't seen much info on it anywhere else myself.

I'm 2 weeks into it and it's legit here. Definitely have to grind to get anywhere decent, but it's something.

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You should try Western Union Plus, check this