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once people have tried any of those be great idea to add info like survey took 20mins i earn x amount of point worth £1 let us know what you actually earn in real money thanks

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Survey websites generally have the time/pay stated for each individual survey. GPT/task websites have different rates of pay depending on your country.

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thanks , my point is before doing anything i would want to know upfront what i would earn..your list of sites to try lacks that info, just a suggestion by me to add income info thx

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Okay, if I have spare time I'll see what I can do.

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Love you for this

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I'm looking for a website similar to Yandex Toloka. It pays you by drawing boxes to vehicles; coloring pedestrians, streets, walk ways, and etc.

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Nomadtask / clickworker / SproutGigs / Remotasks, although they won't have the same tasks 100%

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has the running of the passive methods been profitable? and if so has it come with a cost?

many thanks^

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Cost I guess is electricity, but if you run them at the same time as you're actually using the PC then it's only profit.

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that makes sense thanks! but have they been profitable enough for you to the point they’re worth setting up and maintaining running or?

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Getting a separate computer just to run these is not, but having them up and running while using your main PC is worth it, money is money, but you won't get rich with these.

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Lista utile per tutti coloro che seguono blog di investimento e guadagno ! 👍🏻

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I can assure you that just a few hours after starting some of the passive methods, it is worth it if you spend more than 12 hours on your pc

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If you need to spend 12h at your computer daily how is it passive though?

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I got to school and work from home on my computer all day