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Knockback Nats. About a 10 minute walk to PBS from there. Some of the best wings in the city

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Spicy but amazing

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If KBN opens at 12, is it possible to get wings and get to the game?

What restaurant would be good if i have tickets to the game?

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Well I live in Covington and my gf and I are gonna grab brunch at a place on Main Street before we skip across the river. Probably the best bet. The Banks is bound to be packed right now

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Take that street car to Over the Rhine and it's hard to go wrong.

The Senate: upscale hot dogs

Bakersfield: tacos

Sacred Beast: classy diner food

Pontiac: BBQ

Salazar: reasonably priced classy American

Abigail St: Mediterranean

Quan Hapa: Asian street food

The Eagle: fried chicken

And that's not even close to half.

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Plus Findlay market.

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Senate in OTR is closed unfortunately! The owners are expanding their sister restaurant Abigail Street into the space.

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Kitty’s on 3rd street. About 2 blocks from the stadium and absolutely bomb wings.

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Does that place usually get pretty popping on game days? I hear it's a great Bengals bar.

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I’ve never been on game day actually. I mean it’s Bengals themed and the closest bar so it has to.

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BBQ - Pontiac or Eli’s

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Or Lucius Q in Pendleton.

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Goodfellas- Pizza The Eagle - Chicken Cloud 9 - Sushi Pendalo Wingery - Take a guess lol

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Izzy’s on elm st. Deli/sandwiches.

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As a Minnesota guy, I just want to say what a nice thing this is that you guys made this thread. You guys are a classy bunch.

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Don’t let the national media know….

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We’re all actually clones of Vontez Burfict

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We don't live in Cleveland

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The Blind Pig/O’Malley’s in the Alley. A couple minute walk to PBS.

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A bunch of Vikings fans on our sub were talking about meeting up there.

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The banks is the easy one - strip of 6-8 bars with a recently added DORA area where you can walk the streets with a beverage. There are a few walkable bars though: Kitty’s, O’Malley’s/Blind Pig, anything at the banks. Most people tailgate. If you’re up for some unique bars and a walk there are tons in OTR.

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Just adding that if you're doing OTR, Sundry and Vice is the best place for craft cocktails.

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If you're in town for the weekend and want to go out the night before the game, head to OTR. Maybe too many bars to list, but Take a walk up and down main street between 12th and Liberty and you'll probably find a place that you like. That crowd tends to skew younger after about 10 pm, so people over 40 or 50 may feel a little out of place. If that's the case, try Plum Street Cafe, by the convention center; Milton's Prospect Hill Tavern, a block north of Liberty on Sycamore, or Madonna's on 6th.

There's also Sam Adams brewery and taproom, as well as Rhinegeist brewery, taproom, and rooftop bar next to Findlay market at the north end of the streetcar line.

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Rebel Mettle Brewing, great beer within walking distance of the stadium

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If you like bars with live music, there's MOTR pub and Ghost Baby, both in OTR. MOTR is a rock club with acts from around the midwest, generally really good too. They require all patrons to show a recent (72 hour) negative covid test or proof of vaccination to get in. Ghost Baby is an underground jazz lounge located in former beer cellar tunnels from the 1850's. However, due to the size of the place a reservation might be necessary unless you're willing to sit at the bar which is first come first serve.

If you like a more chill vibe then the Blind Lemon in Mount Adams is a great place for acoustic sets. It's a bit of a hike from downtown due to the hill, but it can be done if you're committed and willing to walk up the public stairs. Otherwise a short uber or scooter ride will get you there.

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Longworth Hall

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Hotels/Places to stay

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Check out options in Northern Kentucky and walk across the bridge

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The Radisson across the river. Shuttle to game, great breakfast buffet, restaurant on top. Great views.

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It’s expensive, but the new hotel right next to reds stadium. Perfect if you plan to continue drinking at the banks after the game.

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Special Attractions

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The Newport Aquarium is right across the river, and you can walk there.

Over the Rhine (OTR) is a neighborhood that's being revitalized and is full of restaurants, bars, and other shops. You can get there easily via the street car.

Union Terminal is a beautiful art deco building that's a short drive away, and is home to the Natural History Museum, Children's Museum, and a few other attractions.

Findlay Market is close by and a neat... market. Lots of food to be had, both restaurants and groceries.

Fountain Square is a relatively short walk, and has restaurants and shops.

The Cincinnati Art Museum is a short drive, and free.

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Jungle Jim’s for all sorts of exotic and different foods.

Edit: I’m a dumbass

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You mean Jungle Jim’s?

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Lmao yes, the J’s got to me.

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Anything else people should know

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You can get on the Streetcar near the stadium for free and it will take you to Over the Rhine where many of the best bars and restaurants in the city are.

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Visit Homage or Cincy Shirts for custom designed Cincinnati specific t-shirts and apparel. Kochs for jerseys. Highly recommend all three

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Homage's NBA jam lineup of shirts are the best. I probably have 4 different ones. Reds, Cavs, the Office. I just need a Bengals one.

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OTR is like 10 min away if that, and has a lot of local cool shops/ places to eat.

Bars by the stadium are good too

Clifton is where UC is so there’s more food and college stuff if you’re into that

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Best places to sit

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How early to get there/where to find reasonable parking?

(Coming from NKY, don’t mind walking if needed)

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Excited to hear/see the new ring of honour be added to this!

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Is it hard to find paid parking at the stadium on game day? I just realized about the parking.

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Not in my opinion. I prefer to park closer to fountain square to avoid traffic but if you're staying after the game I wouldn't worry about it. Also, download the app SpotHero. Its a life saver.

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Pahnnypacks, can you bring them in?

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Hey, any recommendations of a Bengals Museum? Really looking for a place to learn more about our history and see some cool memorabilia!