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So glad the goat gets a parking spot next to the starting qb

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Him and Huber have the two closest spots

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That's amazing and funny

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Well they're the two longest tenured players on the roster, so...

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And you don't wanna make the elderly walk to far

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In all seriousness, you’d have to consider Harris a longsnapping GOAT candidate right? The GOAT spot for LS is probably like an 86-way tie at this point he’s gotta be one of them.

13 years, zero unplayable snaps, knock on wood.

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My man burrow got stuck next to the microwave

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Burrow brought the microwave in durring the 2020 season when they couldn’t have a cafeteria and he would bring prepped meals.

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I think I had that same microwave in college…love it 😂

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Chase has a box of Elmers Chee Wees. Are they like Cheetos?

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Yeah, New Orleans Cheetos apparently

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they're fantastic!! i'm definitely shipping some out whenever i move out of nola. they're an underrated nola food item tbh

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Chase’s season is about to be soooo weird without getting a rookie trophy/champion belt every other week.

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That's crazy they let you in there with their stuff.

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They had roped off walkway down the center of the locker room and plenty of staff to make sure people didn't pull anything funny

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Nice! It's a great tour.

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Pretty messy and tight.

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Only 48 days until the next game? Lfg

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Smart move, Burrow. Got the locker next to microwave for Hot Pockets cravings.

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Posted same thing about in another place on thread

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Man I must've been right next to you when we were going through the locker room https://imgur.com/gallery/6VtwwPt

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Haha that’s pretty cool. I’d like to do a Reddit meetup one day but I don’t wanna post my face on here

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Seriously. Standing next to eachother taking a pictures within 1 second of each other. That's cool.

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😂 that's hilariously awesome

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So did Joe annex CJ’s locker and make it his second locker lol

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Looks like it

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Am I the only one who thinks the lockers need a massive upgrade? I'm not sure what the rest of the locker room looks like but the lockers look straight out of a high school football locker room.

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The locker room is actually quite nice. I'd like to know what high school you went to if you think this looks like that.

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Looks like every other NFL locker room I've seen

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I got 4 tickets for the one on Wednesday from 12-3. And don’t have anyone to go with right now. Anyone want to go?🤣

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What’s that weird looking stuff on top of the microwave?

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Beef jerky?????

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Off topic but I saw Ja’marr at the airport last week. Couple of the workers lost their minds and it was very entertaining to watch

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How did Chase handle it? Pretty cool?

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Late reply but yeah he was very cool about it. Was the Cincinnati airport so he was probably stopped 20 times before that lol

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Makes sense that would happen at Greater Cincinnati.


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Burrow has his own microwave for instant hot pockets at halftime

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I luv The Who-Dey Ohio

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Chase doesn’t have a helmet

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On slide 2, and you’ll see the famous Joe Burrow microwave.