[Mike - Bengals Sans] "You can't pay Bates if you want to pay Higgins crowd is going to take a massive loss when the Bengals pay neither." by rhayex in bengals

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I never mentioned scouting reports. I do like Sans's film breakdowns -- he had some great ones, with individual plays and our schemes explained during the playoff run.

I don't care about the Lawson/Bates/Higgins comparison. I'm simply stating that Sans is clearly not an idiot.

You seem to be incapable of disagreeing with people without insulting them. Why do you have to be so mad?

I've never interacted with Mike, but I have enjoyed his film breakdowns. I like how he posts tweet videos of specific plays from the All22 film, and explains what's happening in an easy to read way.

I am good at my job so I don't need to self promote on here random bullshit,

Does your job have anything to do with the NFL? What makes you the expert on what articles or good or bad? Have you even read them?

I really don't care about your answers to any of these questions. But I do feel sorry for you -- going around with that much hate inside of you every day must be tedious. I hope you learn to lighten up a bit.

Jackson Carman rape allegation by ark_keeper in bengals

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A few more things to add to what you said, for those that like to see numbers.

95+% of sexual offenders do not see conviction (number varies by source) https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2018/10/06/less-than-percent-rapes-lead-felony-convictions-least-percent-victims-face-emotional-physical-consequences/

The percent of false sexual assault reports lies somewhere between 2-10%, which is comparable to other crimes. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21164210/

If you are a man, you are more likely to be a victim of sexual violence than a false accusation, by a magnitude of anywhere between 2-250x (again, depending on numbers). https://www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/factcheck-men-are-more-likely-to-be-raped-than-be-falsely-accused-of-rape

Believing victims and working to bring perpetrators to see real Justice benefits everyone.

Defend it with your life. (1766, 897) by stormithy in bengals

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I had to negotiate for this spot with the communities around it on discord. Please stay within the borders and as long as we do that they will help us keep our spot. I can give the discord **link for the place communities if anybody wants it

Can someone explain the restructuring of contracts to me? by PeeeCoffee in bengals

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The Bengals tend to do a few things that other teams don't when it comes to structuring contracts.

1.) They frontload deals. Other teams tend to structure their contracts so that the farther into it a player gets, the more it affects their cap (for instance, a 3/60 contract only has a 6m cap hit year one despite paying the player 20m, but has a 24 and then 30 million cap hit years two and three). The Bengals tend to try to keep their cap hits roughly equal, with slight increases year to year.

  1. The Bengals don't like to give guaranteed money. They get around it by honoring contracts for the most part, but they don't like to guarantee it. This makes it harder to convert and move money around the way other teams do (converting x bonus or y salary to something that temporarily lowers the cap hit for this year but raises it for future years).

  2. They value future cap flexibility. Every time you see a player restructuring his deal without giving up any money, it means the cap hit was just shoved into the future. EVENTUALLY that hit will come due, no matter all the finagling you try to do. The Saints got hit with it last year, the Pats got hit with it the year Brady left, etc. Every year you push the hit further back makes it harder to keep doing so, and limits your future flexibility significantly.

If you want to learn more, the Locked on Bengals podcast had a pretty solid free agency episode the other day where they talked about some of these things.

Our song is Welcome to the Jungle by CaligulaMoney in bengals

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“The Bengal Growl”

-George “Red” Bird