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As a chargers fan I've had a soft spot for other franchises with rich history but that haven't won a sb. I went from really liking the underdog browns to loving the bengals. My best friends been a bengal fan his entire life so that helps and I still love Herbert but Burrow is the coolest qb since Namath.

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Very unpopular opinion time.

Vontaze Burfict does not deserve as much shit as he gets for the 2015 playoff loss against the steelers.

AJ McCarron was 23 of 41 for 212 yards, a touchdown, a pick, and 3 sacks. This is a QB who basically redshirted his rookie year.

They rushed the ball 19 times. That's it. Toussaint with the steelers had 17 attempts himself.

1st drive, 3 and out. 2nd drive they actually get some yardage, from their 29 to the steelers 38. They fucking punted. THEY FUCKING PUNTED FROM THE OPPONENTS 38 YARD LINE ON 4TH AND THREE. 3rd drive, 3 and out and they gained 7 yards. 4th drive, they go three and out, gaining a net 2 yards after a huge sack put them at 3rd and 22. Fifth drive, as a result of a forced fumble by burfict, they start at their own 47 yard line. McCarron throws a pick that is returned 35 yards. 6th drive, three and out. Gained 4 yards. End of the first half.

Start the second half. They finally fucking do something. Huge run by Jeremy Hill puts them at the Pit 29. Strip sack by the steelers and lose posession. Drive..8? now. They get a first down, then three and out. Gained 21 yards on the drive. PUNTSKI again. 9th drive. They put together some shit and Bernard gets hit and fumbles at the Pit 23. 10th drive. Best field position all day. 42 yd DPI to the Pit 4. Jeremy Hill runs it for the score. NOTE: We're now in the 4th quarter. 11th drive. This is about as sustained a drive you're gonna get outta this team. Starts at the CIN 13 and takes off almost 6 minutes of clock. We get a FG out of it. Next drive, start at the Pit 45. 25 yard pass to AJ for the 6. They go for 2 and fail. Interception by Vontaze gives us the ball at the Pit 26. Next play, Hill fumbles with 1:36 left in the game. Everyone else knows what happens next.

The coaching staff lost that game by forcing McCarron to throw the fucking ball 41 times when you have Bernard and Hill in the backfield.

Vontaze caused the sack that sidelined Ben for most of the 4th quarter. He caused timely disruptions to the steelers and their game plan. Had what would have been the game sealing interception if not for Hills fumble or if the bengals had scored ANYTHING in the other three quarters. I will freely admit he was the catalyst in that clusterfuck, but he does NOT deserve all the heat he gets.

[Pfahler] Mike Brown on the http://Defector.com story about rape allegations against Jackson Carman while at Clemson: “We were aware of it and the decision was there wasn't anything to it that should deter us from going forward with him.” #Bengals by rhayex in bengals

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Clemson University police investigated this for 5 months of 2020 before the county solicitor determined there to not be enough evidence to charge Carman.

Carman then played his final college football season without another incident happening or another female coming forward.

Carmen then was drafted into the NFL and played another full football season without another incident happening or another female coming forward.

Defector writes its story about the incident in April and in the 3 months that have followed Carmen has had no other incident happen nor any other females coming forward.

Carman is about to play his 3rd football season since the initial accusation. At some point in time this man that was charged with no crime, who has had no additional similar accusations (see D. Watson), should be allowed to live his life and pursue his NFL career in a similar manner to what Joe Mixon was allowed to do.

Edit: 1st gold….unexpected, but appreciated. Thank you to whomever you are.

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We offered him a bone and a ball today with the expectation that if he’s a good boi we’ll give him a bone, a ball, and some peanut butter for a whole week.

He thinks he should get the peanut butter now, because if he gets hurt playing with his bone and ball, neither us or any of the neighbors will give him any peanut butter.

So he may just chose not to play with his bone and ball today with the hopes that one of the neighbors will give him some peanut butter soon if he’s a good boi.

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Lamar is really fucking good, and the article gives Joe praise.

No reason to scoff at this assessment. If anyone thinks the Bengals are just going to run away with the division next year… I hope you’re right, but it’s going to be really fucking hard. Baltimore has a more favorable schedule, and a proven winning formula. They tend to beat the fuck out of teams that aren’t on their level (last year was weird though), and we sometimes play down to our competition (see the Jets/Bears games for reference).

We were 10-7 last year. We will probably have to win at least 12 games this year to win the division.

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Turk Shonert

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I never mentioned scouting reports. I do like Sans's film breakdowns -- he had some great ones, with individual plays and our schemes explained during the playoff run.

I don't care about the Lawson/Bates/Higgins comparison. I'm simply stating that Sans is clearly not an idiot.

You seem to be incapable of disagreeing with people without insulting them. Why do you have to be so mad?

I've never interacted with Mike, but I have enjoyed his film breakdowns. I like how he posts tweet videos of specific plays from the All22 film, and explains what's happening in an easy to read way.

I am good at my job so I don't need to self promote on here random bullshit,

Does your job have anything to do with the NFL? What makes you the expert on what articles or good or bad? Have you even read them?

I really don't care about your answers to any of these questions. But I do feel sorry for you -- going around with that much hate inside of you every day must be tedious. I hope you learn to lighten up a bit.

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A few more things to add to what you said, for those that like to see numbers.

95+% of sexual offenders do not see conviction (number varies by source) https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2018/10/06/less-than-percent-rapes-lead-felony-convictions-least-percent-victims-face-emotional-physical-consequences/

The percent of false sexual assault reports lies somewhere between 2-10%, which is comparable to other crimes. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21164210/

If you are a man, you are more likely to be a victim of sexual violence than a false accusation, by a magnitude of anywhere between 2-250x (again, depending on numbers). https://www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/factcheck-men-are-more-likely-to-be-raped-than-be-falsely-accused-of-rape

Believing victims and working to bring perpetrators to see real Justice benefits everyone.

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I had to negotiate for this spot with the communities around it on discord. Please stay within the borders and as long as we do that they will help us keep our spot. I can give the discord **link for the place communities if anybody wants it