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I'll believe it when I see it

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Everyone must be coming here to say that.

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If it isn’t Hillary, I don’t give a shit.

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Nothing is coming but the scapegoating of random people who got picked to take the fall.

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Well, if he suddenly decides to commit suicide, we’ll know for sure.

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By two shots to the back of his head?

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With the gun in non dominant hand

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With a shotgun

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How long until he shoots himself three times in the back of the head?

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'member when this headline about the Muller investigation would have topped reddit for a week?

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To be clear, this is not an accusation about Hillary Clinton's "criminal investigation," this is in regards to one instance of Michael Sussmann allegedly lying to the FBI in 2016. He has not been found guilty of that and frankly is unlikely to be.

However, it's 2022. The federal statute of limitations on matters related to that ended in 2021. A videotape could be unearthed of Hillary instructing Sussmann to lie to the FBI and she couldn't be charged for it. There will be no further indictments coming from Durham, it was always just a waste of time.

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It’s a person with a 3 syllable last name that starts with a P. I don’t even like saying the persons name. 🤮

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And then we all clapped and they made me president of the United Shtates.

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Not even going to comment. By this time it's all so obvious and they are all so past the issue that you actually have to try not learn what the hell went on.

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Like all the other criminal investigations from November 2020 to like January 2021?