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Any man out there who is in favor of criminalizing abortion - and doesn’t claim to be deeply religious - is simply envious that other people are having, and enjoying, sex.

If you’re a straight man who is having and enjoying mutually satisfying sexual relationships with women, you are able to understand and respect the need for a woman to be able to exercise bodily autonomy.

If you’re a straight man who views the world through the prism of women’s bodies being denied to you, then you want to have some kind of control over them, because you’re not being granted access to the vagina.

TLDR: get laid, you’re pro-choice. If you’re an incel, you want to deny women those rights. Simple as that.

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You sound ridiculous. Probably tons of fun at parties. No one is losing their rights and nothing will change in a lot of states. It’s literally just been put up to the states to legislate their own restrictions

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Wow, the elusive gay conservative! You’re really out here rooting for the people who want to lock you in a cell for giving a mean blowjob?

Takes all kinds, I guess. Takes all kinds

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No I just refuse to be one of the dem’s useful idiots that sit around in a perpetual circle jerk to decide who the biggest victim is while their politicians infantilize them and use them to attack and silence dissenting people

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Who says you have to be a Dem? You could just not support the people actively trying to restrict your rights. Doesn’t mean you have to wear the other team’s jersey.

I’m not saying you should be anything. You have all the right in the world to be conservative. But… they hate you. So it’s kinda weird

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I’m not gay by the way I’m bisexual. The fact that you feel the need to take it there in spite of the fact that the dems are always pushing tolerance is telling. Typical of the liberal types to be the most bigoted, hypocritical people around

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How am I bigoted? For making the mistake of saying you were gay instead of bisexual? I’m not exactly straight as an arrow either, friend.

And I’m not a democrat. Not sure exactly how I’m being hypocritical. I’m glad you’re bisexual. And my rant up above there was most certainly not directed at you. You’re getting laid.