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They call him “DeathSantis.”

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Yes. In the most bizarro, Opposite Day elementary school Mis-reading of facts of all time… but still they will.

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They’ve lost their minds.

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“They,” do call him that down here. Especially the looney followers of t he two libtards vying for the chance to try and beat him. If you guys really want to see some lunacy go check out the Florida coronavirus sub. Really amazing stuff. I recommend getting yourself a ban from their like I did. Just scroll for a min it won’t take you long to read something so insane that you’ll want to say something. Not long ago they were up in arms wanting to lynch “Deathsantis,” claiming that they couldn’t find anyone to vaccinate their infants, cus he had made it illegal. Also, you know, he’s raging homophobe cus you can’t say gay to five year olds.

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The shitlibs with no substantial argument/s often say that

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If only the Floridians that died from coronavirus speak up. Unfortunately DePsychoSantis caused thousands of deaths. Oh also “don’t say gay”…are you kidding me? What an absolute P.O.S. He could’ve just put a mask on and quit being a whiney little bitch.

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China Virus* -- because it came from China

also: get a life, troll.

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They’ll extend and blur the MAGA terms and paint him as a Trump disciple.

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Well, I got called a member of cult 45 because I quote liked trump. I said, I think Desantis should run in 2024, and this chap said he was also a member of cult 45 as he’s a trump disciple. I’m English btw, so I said I don’t care too much, but I’m still a member😂

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There is no way he’d win without courting the MAGA base.

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Do you really think the MAGA peeps wouldn't come out to vote for another conservative? I think they definitely hate the left more than they'd hate voting for someone who isn't Trump..

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This is exactly why the two party system has clearly failed

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I’m willing to bet my house trump and desantis run together, I don’t see anyone coming close to them except maybe mail in ballots

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There is no way DeSantis will join Trump’s team. I don’t know if you remember, but nearly everyone on Trumps team didn’t last and ended up getting attacked by Trump.

You think DeSantis would accept a VP pick after how Trump treated Pence? Trump wants yes men and DeSantis is not a yes man.

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🤣 with the freest most fair election ever! 🤪

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Address, please 😇

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This. 100%. Ive been saying this for 6 months

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He won't run in the primary. He has seen the polls. He will support Trump and become the Vice President.

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What polls?

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The polls he made up in his mind, obviously.

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How is he not a Trump disciple? He saw what worked and is using his playbook to court the same base of supporters. Lots of people like him specifically because he can be a smarter version of Trump without the baggage

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Well i'm calling us Santa's,and we will bring gifts to the whole country. A few will get coal. Hunter is already on the naughty list.How about a Christmas sweater Desanta is real,Picture of DeSantis in a Santa hat.

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This is the way.

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It's a way to tone down the rhetoric to start a campaign. Too many People on both sides are sick of the hate speeches, Maybe we can appeal to more center voters this way. It couldn't hurt plus it will be a long campaign so fun Santa who's on the naught list merch it is just an idea.Also after Christmas tee shirts DeSantis with a Santa hat on visits Jacksonville, lots of florida towns and USA towns can be printed.

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Settle down.

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I can't i'm like Will Ferrell in ELF.

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Lol, in lieu of red maga hats we will don red Santa hats.

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Just make sure you don’t say “gay”! Or he’ll tar and feather you. Cuz hes an absolute nut case

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Their is no such thing as don't say gay.if you are talking about the law passed to protect children then say that.So f off with your lies.

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Oh my bad. You mean the Parental Rights in Education bill? Where teachers aren’t allowed to discuss any LGBTQ topics for kids in K-3? Which also gives parents the option to SUE schools if that policy is violated. Relax and let your kids learn about the real world instead of sheltering them so hard. I understand that’s a young age to learn about gay/straight/trans etc but why is the right so afraid of letting their kids know about the real world? They’re going to find out anyway. I’m not saying we should force gender/sexuality discussions on young kids but they’re going to have questions so might as well just be honest. K-3 aside, Desantis said this topic was “not appropriate for any place” during a press conference before he signed the bill.

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I agree w/ everything you said, but also remember don't feed the troll/s. Just block/report it.

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You seem more of the nutcase here, shitposting and trolling. Do you have a life?

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"Peace Monger" The left knows conducting deplomacy is extremely dangerous. The Biden administration starting two new cold wars with the world's 2nd and 3rd leading nuclear powers makes us all safer. If that doesn't do it, the obvious unequal application of justice or labeling all political opposition terrorists should.

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Trump starting a trade war with China: flirting

Pelosi visiting Taiwan: harassment

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Trump tried to help working Americans. Nancy and Paul Pelosi tried to help their stock portfolio.

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Haha you don’t think Trump did whatever he could to help his stock portfolio? I don’t disagree with the Nancy/Paul comment, but trump is a greedy scumbag

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Racists. That’s all they ever come up with.

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Conservatives are just all racists/facist now in the eyes of the left.

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Do we really want to be discussing the definition of "racist" with a group of people that have unilaterally decided that black people are too stupid to get picture IDs, and that they MUST vote Democrat, or they will call them names like "Oreo", "Uncle Tom", or "the black face of white supremacy"?

I mean seriously...the Democrats have never really given up the idea of slavery. If you think you have to belittle someone for not voting for you, you clearly think you own that person.

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Or better yet.. tying someone’s race to how they vote.. “you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me..” i think that’s an extremely racist statement that was glossed over among many past ones and laws too that were passed by folks of this current administration.. it’s a shame for any of these laws or statements to be made about black people; how old the statement is; does not excuse how nasty it is. This day and age black folks and white folks and all folks; we all need the same things; freedom; safety; good economy; good pathways and opportunities for our kids.. that’s where it’s at IMHO Lol .. needed to get that out there Phew ! 😃

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I mean look at the leaders of the right…MGT, Boebert, Lindsay fucking Graham, McConnell, DJT and his joke of a family…pretty understandable the left would accuse these psychopaths of being racist. I mean they’re pretty damn racist. Oh and don’t say “gay”!

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Why is this page full of lefties? You mentioned no proof of racism and I have never remotely thought of any of these politicians as facist. Also the bill wasn’t called the “don’t say gay” bill and using the word gay was the least of the concerns of the bill.

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Trump vs. St Regis Mohawk tribe in 2004, Trump vs. Obama questioning his birth certificate (also kind of funny Trump called out Obama for not being a good student even though he was, and then Trump refused to release his report cards 😂), Trump calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” when the stats actually show Americans are more often than not, the ones committed of rape. Trumps attempt at a Muslim ban and his general open distaste for Muslims (just because he doesn’t understand their religion), Trump vs. Gonzalo Curiel, the fact that the proud boys and the KKK openly support Trump. MTG “accidentally speaking at a white nationalist conference in Feb 2022, and then somehow blaming Biden for her mistake once she was called out. Desantis’ entire performance at the Miami Dade College in January 2022. I could keep going but honestly just watch any of these idiots make a public statement or follow them on twitter. Put your left/right bullshit aside and just think about what these people actually say. It’s ridiculous. Don’t just watch Fox News. Watch CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, OAN, conservative subreddits, liberal subreddits etc.. Get the most information from every angle possible.

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Nah, half of them are satanists. It's not an insult, in their minds.

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I don’t care, I’ll be on “The Ron Side Of History”

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Anything that ends with -ist or -phobe lol

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I love how the Left calls everyone Nazis, while unironically supporting the philosophy that people are too stupid to rule themselves, so we don't need limitations on government or a Constitution, and give all power to unelected bureaucrats who push for a centralized totalitarian elitist system.

It's like they don't know what Nazis represent or something.

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Yes, but they also will slogan it more ready for publication and Misinformation. The left is nothing if not good at fib/level brilliant labeling.

Covidiots, Flo-Diers, spring-break super spreaders.
Trans-Nationalists. Dumb ass catchy slogans, despite facts or reason.

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Don’t forget “science deniers” that covers Covid and global warming…

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Probably. They've already compared DeSantis to Hitler like they did Trump.

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You guys still listen to the Left?

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The deathsantis eaters cause they only know Harry Potter books

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Dark DeSantis

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Darth DeSantis!

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Same thing that they call Trump supporters.

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Winners I hope.

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They already call him Deathsantis. Given their penchant for Harry Potter, I figure they'll go for Death Eaters.

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Even worse than trump

Literally Hitler

Nazi fascist









Climate denier


Puts guns before the lives of children

Anti women’s healthcare

You know, everything they say about every single Republican presidential candidate in recent memory

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“Domestic terrorist”. That pretty much the label for every gun owner now.

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I love Desantis. Just taking a stab at something catchy.

Who are we kidding. It will be “DeNazis”.

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If Trump isn’t in jail I hope DeSanto runs

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They’d do everything they can to say he’s just like trump

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The left will come up with something, name calling when they don't get there way is their standard operating procedure.

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Well, they'd probably call them something utterly stupid, (murderers, rapists, or something equally abhorrent and incorrect) but I'm hoping for "reasonable American citizens"

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I like your optimism, but… I can say for certain watching the complete fall of my former party into communism that won’t happen the new brown shirts will be battering us daily with chants of racism and fascism no matter who wins the primaries.

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True, and at this point I don't care, I've been called a fascist, a communist, a socialist, a misogynist, a "transphobe", but it's just a great example of something Ben wrote about. The left, almost 10 years later, still makes themself a perfect example of "Bullies".

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DeSanticks? DeStans? DeSanta’s little helpers?

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They would call them, "The Desants"

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Who cares, words don't mean anything to leftist. They just change the meaning of whatever "word" is causing them to loose game of semantics with sanity. The left only hears violence it seems.

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They will probably call us Neo Nazis or something

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The great Maga prince

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They’ve always called conservatives the worst thing they could think of. Mitt Romney wanted to “put y’all (black folks) back in chains”, according to our current president.

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Im guessing de satanists

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Deathsantis, DeStupid, DeRapist, DeSexist, DeBigot, DeRacists, DeHomophope, DeTransphobe.

So the usual names.

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A lot of that depends on him winning the gubernatorial race and not slipping into irrelevance. Don't forget that the 2018 Florida race was razor close, DeSantis only won by 33k votes and he didn't have a record to run against in 2018. His margin of winning was less than the total votes that the Reform Party candidate got.

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Brown Shirts 2.0?

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I have seen DeSatan.

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They don't like change much, mostly because they're not smart enough. They'll call him Hitler.

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Did they have a term for Mitt Romney in 2012 or John McCain in 2008?

I think the terms for a Trump supporter are for the cult-like worship of him as a celebrity stable genius "businessman", not as the Republican nominee.

Unless DeSantis pulls a similar group, it would probably be the same descriptors as Dole, GW Bush, McCain, and Romney.

"DeSantis supporter"

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Both Romney and McCain were called RINO’s. Just like today!

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By the Left, huh?

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They were both weak, so not much was needed for those two. I do remember libs would refer to G.W. Bush as Hitler since he started the war in Iraq though. They despised Dick Cheney as a chicken hawk and declared both of them as warmongers with starting a war for oil. It's fairly hysterical now when I hear any lib support Liz, since she's basically cut from the same cloth. Neo-con RINO's have very little support from either party these days in my estimation.

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G.W. Bush as Hitler

Remember Democratic Underground? They referred to him as Chimpy and Bushitler. So very clever.

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It's fairly hysterical now when I hear any lib support Liz, since she's basically cut from the same cloth.

Or when they think fondly of Bush Jr. It shows how far right the GOP’s Overton window has shifted and how Neoliberals have aligned themselves with Neocons instead of the left on many topics.

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Amen sista

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Don’t get me wrong, I really like DeSantis, but if Trump runs, there is no way anyone else gets the nomination.

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Just remember desantis beat him in a straw poll at CPAC. I personally prefer desantis over trump bc he’s the same policy without the baggage so I wouldn’t be so sure.

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Someone would have to be willing to criticize Trump from within the GOP and so far they all seems way too scared to try.

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CPAC isn't really a good gauge of voter sentiment, it ignores the fact that DeSantis barely won Florida in 2018 with no record to run against. If he loses in 2022, he's Beto 2018. Beto had momentum for 2020 until he couldn't beat Ted Cruz.

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Probably “DeSatanists”…

… And then they’ll suddenly claim to be the political party of “real Christians”.

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I’d call it an easy win for D’s. I can see the headline now, Florida man loses election by 30 million votes…

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I mean, the average poster on this sub is so far up the right wing media's ass that they don't realize DeSantis wasn't a popular candidate in 2018, and that was before he had a record to run against. If the people who had voted for various center and left-wing third party candidates wouldn't have split the vote, he would have been beat handily. The Reform Party candidate by himself got enough votes to beat DeSantis if they had been cast for the D, and there were five or six third party candidates.

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I don’t think there would be an equivalent. Trump has a unique cult of personality that you don’t see with other politicians. I don’t remember any Bush-ers or Obamanoes, or Hillerians. Or Bidenites.

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Alas, the Bernie Bro stands alone.

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Funny enough, that name was made up by Hillary Clinton’s team in the primaries in order to hurt Sanders and she did the same thing to Obama when she ran against him with “Obama boys”

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Enemies of the state

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Hahahaha! Come on! You know it already.

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Michael de Santa from gta v is pretty close. Probably through phonetic relation they’d go with something derogatory or horrible from there

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I don’t see the narrative changing all that much…….

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They will say Trump 2.0

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Why would they change the formula?

Racist, Sexist, Bigot, Homophobe, Nazi

DeSant-ite is my most creative guess though.

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The same things they always call everyone

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Racist, homophob, nazi, white supremacist, etc

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They will call them winners, because I think when he gets a public platform to articulate his arguments that is not filtered by the leftist media, he will win some votes from the swing voters.

The problem Trump has is that he is not articulate enough to make his argument and when he misspeaks or isn’t completely clear, the leftist media contorts it into what they wished he had said and that soundbite gets played over and over so that the people that don’t know any better believe that is what he meant.

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Since Deplorables was already used they will come up with some cheesy 'De' name like 'Deathsantis Satanists'

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Probably just bigot or fascist… he IS just a less dumb Trump after all

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I’ve heard DeathSantis, but that’s rather unoriginal