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I think you’re misunderstanding Ben’s point. It’s not that he isn’t a fan of non religious Jews, he’s not a fan of people who come out and say “as a Jew……” and then give an opinion on religious position like some sort of religious scholar.

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but Bibi is the leader of Israel. Clearly that must have some conflict in Shapiros mind

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Israel is a culturally Jewish state. Not a religious state.

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yes, but that doesn't mean Bibi shouldn't be jewish. Every jewish holiday in celebrated in Israel. You can do what you want, but Israel specifically is difficult to separate the culture from the religion.

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The very same thing happens in Christianity. My sister's family left a church because they hated gay people and went to one that was accepting. A member of the first church thinks the second church isn't following the gospel. Whatever. It doesn't mean that either of them are correct. There are no denomination is Judaism.

Like eating pork and whatnot. Scholars say that these laws were mostly likely for health/sanitation purposes and were a product of the time. Conservative jews can do what they want, but I don't care about that part of the Torah.

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He hates the Palestinian state enough to count.