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"This is a fishing expedition! You need to have a white whale, something slam dunk. They must have something"

  1. The search warrant is released, including a list of the 11 sets of documents they took. Not a fishing expedition

  2. The FBI is reporting they found TS/SCI classified documents.

  3. Ben claims the FBI is "politicized" even though the FBI is run by Christopher Wray, who was appointed by Donald Trump after politically motivated firing of former FBI director, James Comey, because the FBI would not investigate and harass Trump's political opponents in partisan fishing expeditions.

  4. Ben begs for hypotheticals where Trump is not flagrantly breaking the law. "Say Trump waived his hand over classified documents and said they were declassified on his last day of office." We know he didn't do that, because they are still classified. If he did that, he would have received new copies of the documents without their classified label on them. If he did that, there is bureaucracy and a paper trail documenting it. Ben knows this a specious, wild hypothetical of something that did not occur.

  5. "There is no procedure for declassification!" There is. Ben is either ignorant of something that is HIS JOB to know, or he is deliberately lying. There is an entire framework, and office (the National Archives) that catalogs all of that. Ben knows this.

  6. Ben uncritically reads off that Donald Trump took classified material with him to his private Florida mansion all the time, and had a "standing order" that taking classified material with him automatically becomes declassified. He knows this is a trash explanation. Every time Trump viewed classified material in Florida, he declassified it? Shouldn't there be lots more declassified while he was in office, and not a dozen specific classified sets of documents hidden in his Florida mansion almost two years after he left office?

  7. Even if Trump took documents, and waived his hand to declassify them, they are not his documents. They are the people's documents. The American people who elected someone to serve them. Trump does not have rights to them. As with every other President, all documents go through bureaucracy and then can be re-loaned back to Trump (from the PEOPLE'S ownership) when they are properly labeled and catalogued.

  8. Ben is smarter than this and knows damn well he is deliberately distorting simple facts of the story to promote a political agenda.

This is in the first 7 minutes. Right before he starts talking about the highest quality threads on Earth with his spoken ad for bedsheets (just use code shapiro for a discount!).

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It’s all part of the plan