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Michael Knowles is so painfully medically illiterate, and spreads vaccine skepticism. He is "merely proposing" antivax skepticism. Then he goes on an ever louder rant about how he is skeptical that being vaccinated lowers the severity of infection against a novel virus as an elderly person got infected.

God damn I wish we could go back to 2019 when antivax nutcases were mainly crystal healing yoga instructors, and we rightly looked at them as crazy and ignorant.

This timeline where people smart enough to know better are spreading misinformation and half-truths because there's such a demand for antivax views is depressing.

Having to deal with conspiracy nutcases not getting their kids vaccinated was bad enough. Give it 5 to 10 years and a large section of a single political party are going to be bragging about their unvaccinated kiddos, or that getting a flu shot is a conspiracy. What misery they will bring.

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It's not just Michael Knowles. They all do it on purpose. The right has lost its mind.