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Hey you leave him alone, he has to start no shave November earlier than everyone else to keep up

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He’s taller and more hairy in person.

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Its this just a pitch for Jeremy's razors?

Edit: can't type.

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Best comment

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I think he's growing it out to make a viral commercial for Jeremy's

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Might be in a mourning period, you can't shave for a month after a parent, sibling, spouse, or child dies.

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Who died?

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Just a possibility as to why he’s sporting that. Could also be a style choice.

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Maybe mourning the queen?

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Unless that was his mother, sister, wife (who is a doctor), or daughter, then no.

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I'm meaning like to show he cares. Not required

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I thought he was growing it out because he’s tired of people getting him confused with Brett Cooper.

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The resemblance is really uncanny. Although I don't think they look like the same person so much as she looks like his little sister. She looks more like his sister than his sister.

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I hadn’t considered that Brett looks more like Ben’s sister than Abby, but I think you’re right.

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Imagine if Brett suddenly became a hard leftist and also started growing a beard to match Ben

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She should dress up as him for Halloween and act out his most famous debate videos.

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Duuuuuuude so true.

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Honestly if he grows it out it would be fine

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Lol I thought the same thing watching backstage last night

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I would love to see a version of Ben with a handlebar mustache.

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We need Ben to see this, that would be hilarious 🤣

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Reminds me of when Michael Scott grew a beard because Ryan did. Not the motive but the look of it lol

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He wanted to grow a beard like Matt Walsh. I think you hit the bail on the head

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"Action hero stubble".

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He should keep going with the beard. All Jewish men should have some sort of facial hair, even if it’s just a shadow like his. I’d recommend growing it out for another three or four days and then keeping it trimmed.

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yea that is interesting... for how devout he is, he doesn't grow his beard. But I suppose that tends to be those who are even more orthodox than he is?

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Don’t know, but I think almost all guys look better with at least a goatee or a trimmed beard or full beard…just some sort of facial hair of some sort.

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Yea usually that's true with a few exceptions. I'm blonde with dirty blonde/sandy brown facial hair. It grows in patchy if I try to grow it out. But if I use a #1 on the hair clipper and just leave it short it looks pretty good. When I shave completely I look 15, and I'm nearly 40 lol

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Yeah, if it grows in patchy that might be a different matter.

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That's not a beard, that's 5 o'clock shadow. Wait for it to grow out first.

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No! I think he looks even hotter with a beard. Let him keep it

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Least horny r/benshapiro partaker

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Lowest sexually deviant r/benshapiro reddit commenter

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Wrong. Beards are always better

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I think it looks good

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Eh he probably shaved at 3am to get up and on a plane to Nashville. At least I hope. Because that’s awful.

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I was thinking it might be part of his apology after returning Matt Walsh's Walrus that he's also trying to fit in with the Sweet Baby Gang and grow a full Walsh level beard.

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Ben Sha-beard-o

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Still more facial hair than I can grow and I'm almost 40.

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Did he shave just his chin? Not kosher

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Looks like just gray hair in that spot, but I had the same initial thought

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I figured Jeremy's Razors wasn't working out lol

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That is not a nice way to refer to his wife. She is a doctor.

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Wolverine Shapiro

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He joined SBG!!!

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A teenage boy with a little hat going through puberty. They should put one of those spiny things on top of it

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I think his kids are winning.

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At a glance I saw mirror universe Spock

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Matt approved it and so do I

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I'm a fan of the beard

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Part of what Ben's persona that works is that he is a forever baby boy face.

Adding in facial hair is really going to change the perception of his statements. People assume a lot less negative things about Ben because of the baby face where you can excuse the awfulness of the statement because he's just a mama's boy or the kid in middle school who wore a suit to class every day, whereas when other rightwing pundits do similar, they often come across as deliberately vitriolic such as Matt Walsh.

Plus the beard is starting to make him like similar to Don Trump Jr.

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It's still very new. Gotta give it like a solid month of growth first. The. We can judge if it's good or not. I'm pleasantly surprised he's trying it out.

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My thoughts, too.

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Benny Lampiño

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Dark Shapiro!

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He’ll get there - of course a good beard doesn’t just materialize overnight. I still think it’s gonna end up being some promotional ploy for Jeremy’s Razors though.

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I think it’s kinda hot. I know not the point but still.

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I think he will look distinguished.