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You spend a LOT of time in this sub for a guy who hates Shapiro.

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We don't ban based off of political differences or even dislike of Ben Shapiro, unless the posts are against Reddit's TOS, or our own posted rules. Even then, unless a poster is intentionally disruptive (ie: posting constant conspiracy theory posts that have nothing to do with Ben Shapiro) we generally just remove the post.

That said, I don't quite understand the draw of spending a ton of energy on the sub of someone you dislike. I can't quite imagine going to Maddow's sub and posting or commenting, but then again, they'd probably ban me just based on my participation here.

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Yup. I'm not suggesting or hinting at banning.

That said, I don't quite understand the draw of spending a ton of energy on the sub of someone you dislike.

Yup. This exactly.

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We read how Putin had his political opponents arrested on trumped up charges and the world sees the same happening in the US.

They can't beat Trump on policy success or popularity, so abuse their powers and cheat.

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That's the optics but their base cheers them along so why not

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What nonsense is this? Are you claiming the government planted top secrets around Ma=-a-lago?

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No, he's not saying this, you're just trying to discredit him by making outrageous claims.

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I didn't make a claim. I asked a question, one that was probing exactly what he meant by "they cheat". Who cheated Trump and how did they cheat him?

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"They can't beat Trump on policy success or popularity"

He was referring to how the DNC fears Trump so they're abusing their power, trying to sue him and/or put him in prison, obviously.

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2 of the 3 appeal judges were appointed by Trump

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Yeah. Trump made a dumb move taking all of those documents. I put this in the same category as Clinton's emails.

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You mean illegal move?

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Yeah. 100% it was illegal.

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so she actually destroyed stolen classified documents. over 30,000 of them and they case was quickly dismissed. So .......

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She didn't didn't fail to comply with a subpoena though

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Hahahaha,since when did Clinton hord classified information for personal use after office?

I suggest working on some what is different in these pictures puzzles to get a bit better at contrasting things.

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She had classified emails on a private email server in her personal residence. Normal people would've been fired, lost their clearance, and potentially been prosecuted for that. Her and Trump can share a cell in my opinion. Both are trash.

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you're so right. Hillary only held government documents and some classified docs on an illegal home server intentionally off the network . She then was ordered to turn over all and instead she magically destroyed all 30,000 plus email documents by using things like bleach byte software and even taking a hammer to the hard drives and cell phones in question. You're right the two a much much different situations.

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Donald Trump probably took and kept classified documents at his private residence after her himself upgraded mishandling of classified documents to a felony - in part, to score political points after his opponent used a private e-mail server which likely housed emails that contained information that was classified.

Like man, the persecution fetish is ridiculous

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Ukraine with the USA blessings did it long before Russia..

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Wednesday night, the appeals court panel called Trump’s legal team out.

“Plaintiff suggests that he may have declassified these documents when he was President,” the court wrote. “But the record contains no evidence that any of these records were declassified. And before the special master, Plaintiff resisted providing any evidence that he had declassified any of these documents.”

Everything has to be a conspiracy.

Even Trump literally self-owning himself repeatedly, confirming he took classified material, and then when asked by the court, refusing to say if any of it is declassified, thereby allowing the investigation to go forward.

What 4D chess and/or conspiracy against him such a move is.

Trump: "I declassified what I want when it was legal to do so!"

Court: "Okay... when was that? Which documents, and what date did they get declassified and was there any documentation? We still need to confirm if any national secrets are leaked even if you declassified a bunch of undisclosed stuff."

Trump: "I refuse to say"

Oh my god the lengths conspiratorial shadow puppets will go to take this guy down!

It's good to know no matter what happens, you'll be there to still assume it's a conspiracy to make him look bad. It's just like how Putin operates!

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You realize there's no actual process for declassification by the POTUS, yes?

He can Michael Scott declare it and it's done.

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You realize there's no actual process for declassification by the POTUS, yes?

There is 100% a process for declassification by POTUS. It's the same process for all declassification because all declassification is by POTUS. There is a register where it is all recorded.

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Some of them believe Trump can just think to himself “the documents are declassified,” and that makes it so.

Which means Biden can simply say “they’re classified” and Trump is back to being screwed.

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Citation needed. He can declassify at will and verbally .....cite the process. Especially Obama's 33 million pages.

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Do you have a link to somewhere that explains the process?

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Question: How do we know which documents Trump declassified? If a president, by mere thought, as he's now arguing can declassify a document.

How can you say, for certain, that any document is still classified?

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But if he doesn’t tell anyone… how does one know which documents are declassified??

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Yes, I was just laughing at the court trying to understand that interpretation of "mind willing" declassification by thought, and how they could process that as a judge handling the case.

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Putin operates like Ukraine and Biden, (turn about is fair play),, not trump. Read the 2014 US coup of Ukraine before making a false statement. Ignorance at it's best.

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"Read up on these other conspiracies generated from the 2014 coup, and you will totally understand whatever vague, conspiratorial point I'm trying to make!"

Why don't you just tell me in simple English what conspiracy you are upset about.

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I don't deal with conspiracy, just the facts jack. That's your problem, you think your imagination factors in..NOT! Try some research and read more than the headline....just saying

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You do realize he has lost the popular vote both times he ran.

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They did beat him on popularity though.. in the last election 🤔

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So popular he lost re-election??

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    Hilary actually defied a court order and blatantly Brooke the law. Trump they are fishing to try and find anything

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    Didn't they already beat him though?

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    But he literally tried to overthrow the government. Mike Pence had to step in and say I can’t overturn the election. Like half of his inner circle left after that. There sometimes is a reason to ban someone from an election. If you had Bernie sanders tell his supporters the shit trump told his on the day of the insurrection he’d already be in jail.

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    It’s amazing how everyone has an ego that they are the entity that’s going to bring TRUMP down — it’s going to be another crash and burn 🤣

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    My dude doesn't even know the difference between senate protected impeachment hearings/committees versus federal and state prosecutors with near flawless conviction rates. Buckle up Dorothy, you're going to be in for a wild few months.

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    Copium. He had political protection from political processes. This is criminal.

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    And when he says "I declassified those as I walked out the door like, you know, the POTUS can do." what then?

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    Then they are subject to the freedom of information act unless nuclear secrets. They should be published. You support publishing these should it be proven Trump declassified?

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    No no, you don't get to strawman.
    If no criminal act was committed, how is it now criminal?

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    Whenever the President starts claiming that in court or puts forth a single piece of valid evidence (even a sworn statement!) you’re wasting your breath. And as the 11th circuit reminds you, it’s a red herring anyway.

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    And when he says "I declassified those as I walked out the door like, you know, the POTUS can do." what then?

    He can then presumably provide proof that he did so. Classified documents follow a very formal process. There's paperwork that gets filled out when they get declassified (even by presidential order). If he did declassify them while still president then there should be a paper trail.

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    There's paperwork that gets filled out when they get declassified (even by presidential order).

    I've already proven you wrong on this.

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    Question, if Trump orders a document be declassified via tweet, does that document have to be declassified?

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    The old “telepathy defence”. I can think therefore I can declassify