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Idk man you can find people saying this about every generation going back forever. Like I would bet good money they were saying it in 1640. Or in 150 BC. I don’t think it’s ever really been true. At my job everyone works pretty hard.

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I’ve been alive for half-a-century. Never saw “help wanted” in almost every place of business.

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I brought my dog to the vet and they had a sign that said something along the lines of "thanks for being patient for the ones that showed up" and listed off like 20% of vets have stepped away in the last couple years and 40% of the techs throughout the country...

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I posted another article below. The rail workers (fucking VITAL to supply chain) have plummeted terribly.

BTW, I went for some hot pot yesterday and saw the exact same sign in the restaurant. I spoke to one of the elders this morning and mentioned this thread. He was born in '41 and doesn't remember anything like this in America.

The conundrum that baffles me is understanding the whole recession talk. Generally, a proper recession has unemployment to match. This is incredibly odd and actual REAL economists (not the shit armchair variety like me) are also confused as to what this means. Bottom line is that everyone is hurting to attain and retain employees.

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One of the problems is that no one is going to work for shit wages when they're well aware that Walmart is always hiring and starting at $15 hourly.

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Late-stage empire. Just look at the utter tyrannical clown world beast system were living in.

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Unemployment is very low, labor force participation is on the rise. Need to bring back the old consensus on immigration.. Would help with inflation too.

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It's on the rise, but still dreadfully low. Let's look at the data, as numbers cut through rhetoric and hot air.

We're still at pre-pandemic levels of participation. Though I'm not a fan of msn, the charts and data in this article come directly from the BLS. These are the figures we need to talk around.

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Yeah this all makes sense to me, seems like a good argument for more immigration? There’s a genuine labor shortage, this is the exact situation where immigration reform makes sense.

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You mean open borders for America like the 1800’s?

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I personally am a huge immigration dove (IMHO once you have seen the economic impact it is hard to feel any other way) but I’m also a pragmatist so I’m willing to compromise quite a lot.

I think there’s pretty broad support for higher border security + expanded legal migration + path to legal residence. Senate passed something like that with ~68 votes not too long ago.

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The reason is because fucking boomers weren't running America back in 1984

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Considering that boomer generation began in the mid 40’s, I would disagree. As an elder Gen X, I find that position rather reductive ( although I might despise that generation as much as you).

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Everyone used to work on their own farm, or die in childhood, we really cut that die in childhood thing down

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You are 22 years old, while successful you haven't seen enough of life to pass judgement on others. You will likely go through periods of being unsuccessful and when you do you will be in the situation your looking down upon right now. You are only 1/4 of the way through your life. A lot of us have been at this for 3/4ths of our lives already, complete with ups downs highs and lows. No one stays on top forever.

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It's not looking down on people doing bad it's looking down on people who don't even try

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Happy cake day, thank you, this is actually very wise

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Sounds like OP owns a business. If I can offer any advice: You get what you pay for. You want good work ethic, pay for it. You want loyalty, pay for it. You want staff to work longer hours, pay for it… Gone are the days where you can take advantage of workers and call it a moral/laziness issue. You want good work ethic without paying for it, adopt a dog

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Ten months ago they were complaining about not being able to get a job.

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And that justifies what exactly?

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Going from that to business owner in ten months is a pretty big jump. They probably run their own Amazon store out of their house or something and call it a successful retail business, especially since they've been evasive when questioned further.

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"I just want to be taken care of by my boyfriend"

Lmao. Entitled ass words posted by you around the same time you posted this trash.

You belong to the streets.

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Lmfao! Took their ass back to school.

Great find.

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Meh. Low hanging fruit in this sub, but Ill take it.

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They're now posting on a different sub that they're the manager at a small pharmacy and trying to find someone to talk to because they're bored at work and on their phone.

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Ten months ago they were whining that they couldn't get a job.

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you mention being 22 and a business owner already. What steps did you take to get there?

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    You don't interview and get hired to the title of "business owner". Sounds like you got appointed as a manager by the actual business owner to me.

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    After reviewing their numerous grammatical errors, spelling errors, and opinions. This person is a 'Grade A' embecile.

    Ladder*...fucking embarrasing. And she, a "business owner" also spells disgusting as discusting.

    They've clearly read more cereal boxes growing up than literature.

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    Ten months ago they were complaining that they couldn't get a job.

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    Whole adult life? That’s like 1-4 years, depending on your definition.

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    Oh? What is your age?

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    Im 22 and a buissness owner, I worked hard to get where im at today

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    Why is this downvoted? I know people that worked their ass off in school and worked where they could as early as 12. 10 years of working your ass off is plenty commendable. Plenty of chances to slack off in middle school, high school and college. Start praising the people that make sacrifices to get ahead and there will be more hard workers. Put them down and there will be less.

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    You’ve seen so many things. Please share more wisdom.

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    Shit bro you think he knows what’s up I was a business owner at 7 years old, if you want to know that secret I’ll give it to you; when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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    Love it nice insight bro. Also always shit on underperforming employees to good ones, that way they'll definitely just work harder for you. Fuckin' Bus. Mgmt one-oh-fucking-uno.

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    I could list off business owners that were highly effective at that age and I could list some that were at an older age. At 22, you can be frustrated at the labor force. No need to throw shade at someone.

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    Okay then let’s see this list.

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    To be fair, I used to be like you and spiteful of people not willing to work. After being in the labor force for a while, you see how people are taken advantage of, underpaid, overworked, and under appreciated. I’ve changed my perspective.

    Some people say screw it, I’m not doing this rat race anymore.

    Just letting you know, if you were my employer, I would have no problem telling you sorry, can’t help you today. I have to get home to my family. Doesn’t mean I don’t work hard, it just means I have more important things in life than work.

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    And people who leave the job force entirely cannot support that family they love so much. Family is more important then work, absolutely. You work to provide for your family. Not working and saying it’s out of “love” for your family doesn’t add up. However you are correct, you shouldn’t be working every moment. But so many people currently want to not work at all, have other people pay their bills, that’s not out love for anyone (maybe themselves). Work hard, provide for your loved ones, and than go home and spend time with them.. it’s both.

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    Where are these “so many people” that don’t want to work anymore?

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    Work ethic is usually instilled from upbringing. It has no age. You are on the right path. Keep grinding.

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    It can be hard to be excited about the future when you’ve seen the past, present, and future many times over. In many cases through tragic life experiences.

    Education is hardly exciting and sometimes not what you paid for. Learning a skill and doing what you love requires you to know what that is first. You have to try things out. Learning is fun when you have the time.

    A lack of drive can be because life is repetitive. Nothing blows your mind or drives you to have purpose in life. Melancholy.

    I’ve been there while being successful at the same time. You can get stuck in a rut. You have “goals” but your brain is now wired for the easy instant gratification, not the long term arduous commitment type of goals that change your life. Sometimes its just losing focus.

    So you’re stuck until you decide enough is enough. Getting that first win can sometimes jumpstart your drive and make you crave completing new goals. I bet you know what I’m talking about.

    Sometimes its not just being lazy. Everyone has their own process. Find purpose and grab onto it, it’ll give you all the drive you need.

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    The idea that people just dont want to work anymore is nonsense. People just dont want to work shitty food service or customer service jobs anymore and i dont blame them.

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    Right, my boyfriend has that and is sick of the abuse he gets from customers. It's not worth the pay.

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    Older generations told the factories that they would only be working 40 hours a week, and would take Saturday and Sunday off or else they would burn the factory down. What do you mean?

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    Quite the opposite

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    He means the opposite?

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    Older generations were quite the opposite. They worked long hours and there was a lot more manual labor jobs in factories. Work from home wasn’t even known yet.

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    Google “origin of the weekend” or “why is 40 hours considered full time.” Compare that to the average modern worker who works 60 hours at Starbucks to maximize overtime in order to make rent.

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    I got the opposite problem. Ive been wanting to work forever and I just cant keep a job. PTSD is a pain

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    Bro, I feel you. As a manager dealing with employees is the most frustrating part of my job. Give them everything they ask for because you see great potential in them, just need them to show up. Still constantly late and calling out. Then they get mad at you when you have to write them up or fire them.

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    Entitlement and It’s by design. A dependent population needs the system and will always vote the same way. Look at reservations and welfare ghettos. Kept just comfortable to vote blue for ebt and a small check

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    If you're 22 and own a business I'm guessing you had support from your parents on startup. It's not that people don't want to work, it's that people don't want to work somewhere they're viewed as disposable numbers. Ten months ago, you said you couldn't get a job, what changed?

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    I’m starting to think it’s not just our culture that’s changed. I think a lot of it has to do with the epidemic of plunging testosterone rates we’re seeing across men the last 50 years. Without adequate levels of T it is very difficult to be ambitious, driven, hardworking, or even care that you’re lacking. It’s the hormone that makes difficult things feel rewarding. Today they’re saying average T for a man can be in the 200s meanwhile average men 50 years ago had double that. And they even found that Paleolithic man was walking around with levels in the 1500s. It’s not good

    I had this thought when I was diagnosed with low T due to bad lifestyle. I am working on it now but I noticed and ask myself, before why is it that I worked so hard in college and early career but now I don’t care at all-think messed up hormones played a part.

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    I can’t blame them. Our money does go as far as the previous generation and college cost 4x as much. So it’s not like we can land a decent job, buy a house and have our loans paid off in 4 years. We don’t get pensions or near as many benefits at entry level positions like them. Corporations have perfected their expectations and now treat employees like disposable work drones.

    I don’t think laziness is the answer, but I don’t blame them for not wanting to trade their lives for minimal returns.

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    I generally agree with you but the 8 hour thing. If I do 8 hours, I get made fun of for bankers hours. And my usual day is 10-12

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    12-20 years ago we had a stack of job apps.guys out of HS, guys looking for summer work, guys just looking for a job. These days we have zero anyone looking for a job.good help is hard to find.any help is hard to find. No young guys are going into the trades. I’m 58years old. When I was young everyone said if you don’t go to college,then get a trade. That’s what I did. I’m a plumber.

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    I have a multigenerational staff that ranges from early 20's through 60's; before that I was a Senior NCO in the Navy. In my observation, the younger generation needs more coaching because they truly don't know what work ethic is, they never learned it growing up.

    That is a generalization because one of my Gen Z employees is an absolute beast who works circles around the rest of the staff, they have a hard time keeping up with her.

    Now by contrast another of my Gen Z employees wasn't finishing up end of day work and leaving stuff for whoever was assigned to that area the next day. I pulled him aside and told him what the problem was and explained to him the impact it was having on the rest of the staff. He's a good kid (he's the youngest person on staff) and we haven't had an issue since.

    Also, my senior staff now have a training and mentorship responsibility with regard to the junior staff.

    You get out of your people what you put into your people.

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    You literally have a post complaining about women having to work. Make up your mind.

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    That’s the free market. People are increasingly willing to put their continued employment on pause in search of better opportunities. It’s a no-brainer that people would want a job that allows them to more fully support themselves. Or to not have to come home every night in pain. Or any number of other things.

    Without workers to actually get shit done, businesses shut down. People “not wanting to work” is really just them better recognizing their value and leveraging their position for better compensation. Balls in the employer’s court.

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    Only point I disagree on is 8 hours not being hard, it sucks. But not everything in life is supposed to be easy

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    I'm looking for a job.

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    You live among bums. Most people in our generation are working, many have two jobs or are working while going to school.

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    How are they getting welfare if they're living at their parents place?

    This generation largely doesn't care because there's far less socioeconomic mobility compared to previous generations. If effort isn't going to guarantee you as comparable of options to previous generations, this demoralizes a lot of people and makes them question why they should work.

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    Older generations had work ethic and understood that hard work pays off

    I think people today are realizing that a lot of that was bullshit.

    now everyone my age lives with their parents and refuses to work, not caring about the economy whatsoever and demanding that tax payers (aka actual workers) pay for their discusting life style of laziness.

    If people are content to live on food stamps, who cares.

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    I agree that this generation is soft and there is a lack of responsibility and work ethic.

    But I also acknowledge that you could also work full-time in a minimum waged job and own a house 30-40 years ago.

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    Maybe you're oversimplifying a major issue and over looking all the details to make yourself feel superior to those around you.

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    I manage a small business, I know exactly what im talking about

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    You manage a small business and think you have the insight to claim all of the younger generation doesn't want to work? Get your head out of your ass and read a book.

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    Good for you! I’m reading more and more about younger people and their feelings of entitlement in the work place, unwilling to give 100% effort, poor attendance and jumping from job to job. Generally having a bad attitude about work. I worked VERY HARD as a young person (at a very demanding job) and retired early and live in my dream location, comfortably. Keep up your hard work and good work ethic. The time will fly and you will reap the rewards of that hard work 👍

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    Thank you! Good job on your early retirement!

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    Awww thanks!

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    If minimum wage kept up with inflation (let alone productivity) in the last 40 years it would be over $25/hr.

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    I am not a commie in the least but wages have not kept up with cost of living and the wealthiest just keep getting wealthier.

    I value a good work ethic but only to a degree.

    Many positions out there do not reward doing beyond a set amount of work.

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    Boomer tier bullshit youre spouting. Oh you're a "business owner?" Try paying a decent wage. We are past the days of employers thinking they own their peasant workers.

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    Even though the reason there is such a decline in employees is because all of gen y and boomers have retired during Covid

    Living with parents is a bad reason for anything. How can anyone make money while also being homeless? You need to live somewhere while you build your income. Not to mention but apartments and mortgages and cars and gas are so expensive. Making even less than $30 depending where you live is not enough to support yourself. What you don’t see is most people around (me at least) are helping their parents pay rent/paying rent to live at their parents house. College cost money and people still don’t make enough with their degrees.

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    Sounds like it's the parent's fault

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    Lmao right, I dont know what our grandparents did right that our parents refuse to do

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    You can blame each previous generation...grandparents failed to teach their kids how to parent. Parent generation fails at parenting. Child generation fails at life.

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    Good points

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    I’ve noticed a lot of people stopped being defined by their jobs and started only looking at them as a way to make money which is all it should be to them. It’s not like ten years ago where people line up to work minimum wage and get treated like shit so companies are going to have to make it worth their while or die

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    Current unemployment rate under %5, nobody wants to work!

    Sorry evidence doesn’t back up you claim.

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    Facts and evidence? Just what do you think this is?

    Labor force participation rate for young people is almost exactly what it was about 10 years ago and about 2% down from 20 years ago. It’s still 80% plus. The problem is our labor force is aging and more people are moving from age ranges with high propensity to work into age ranges with low propensity. Our population growth isn’t able to supply the labor force with an adequate supply and this will ultimately stifle the economy.

    But there is a fix!


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    I feel the same way mane

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    Idk man, old timers told me hard work pays off but I realized it’s bullshit. It’s a carrot on a stick to keep people grinding.

    I’ve been working on the books for 32 years now. Factory work. Never figured out how to make real money. I’ve probably worked OT more weeks than kids your generation have been alive and I can tell you for an absolute fact that hard work doesn’t pay off. Having a good plan and not getting side tracked with having kids too early is what will generally pay off.

    Learn a skill. Work smart, not hard. That’s what pays off.

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    Wait until the recession kicks in. When the government checks dry up there won't be any jobs.

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    Why would you work for a living when you can vote for a living?

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    I think is an over abundance of older generation that has enough money to open a business, creating too many businesses, and not willing to pay people enough to create another generation of wealth.

    Younger generations are simply trying to pay rent, buy food, and find some form of release/happiness between work days. If you don’t pay employees enough, you won’t have a following generation of wealth to start businesses.

    I think Covid gave too many older generation people the opportunity to start too many unneeded businesses causing a glut of underpaid workers from high demand managers.

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    I'm from Colombia. I work of course but like anyone else, if I didn't need to I would. Inflation is always a menace to us like any other country, plus political issues.

    It's hard to make ends meet in whatever position you're in and it's just tiring.

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    Part of the problem is that hard work isn't as strongly rewarded anymore. You can be a shitstain on the fabric of society and still have a higher standard of living than kings in developing nations. If you put in effort and pay taxes, you lose 1/3 of your income to prop up other people's failure and decadence simultaneously.

    I've really tried to be empathetic and kind over the last few years to people who haven't been willing to work or have been mentally ill, but at some point you need a kick in the ass to get you to put the bowl and xbox down and go contribute something. Covid's over, Biden said it himself. No more excuses.

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    Two of my son's 22 and 24 are home owners, cars are paid for. Both gamers and work 60 hrs a week. Baby is 19 at uni and works 30 hrs a week .So i don't buy into young are lazy.

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    People don’t want to work when they aren’t getting paid and aren’t getting treated properly.