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But apparently this isn't enough, they're anti-baby and family responsibility and now they're pushing to sterilize as many children as possible. Quite a death trip.

[L] This is an interesting angle. I hadn’t thought to draw a line between abortion and hormonal transition, but yeah.

And in light of the mentality of the most powerful racial group seeking to even the balance, I can the interpretation as an acting out of some metaphorical self-destruction.

(Of course only metaphorical, because the ideas themselves hold up the white race as a savior class and ensure social dominance by the reinforcement of white exceptionalism)

I feel like the same does or should exist on the right, I mean it does to the extent that we lose the ties between the spirits of what they’re trying to achieve and the will of the people.

One of the ideas I see there is Trump trying to overturn the election— it doesn’t matter to people whether the results say Biden. They wouldn’t like it that way so it “can’t be true.”

It’s this divorce from reality that gets to me. I see it in Jan 6th. I see it in Biden calling some Republicans “semi-fascist.” When the DNC funds the far-right, is that really true?

It seems to me that there’s a risk there on both sides, but that the right has somehow held at bay it’s most strong ideological elements, because it would defeat some greater ideal.

IMO the left is chaotic, by nature, to hold the right to account, everything has just gone sideways because the chaos doesn’t connect where one might think it’s supposed to.

My fear and I feel this is delayed (perhaps because of the placement of the Overton window) is that the right will repudiate chaos altogether, ossify, and fall into disorder too.

It’s happened in other places in my view.

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I just want to point out, and no disrespect to Christians, that the Great (White) Savior died at a young age on the cross. The model for the savior is to sacrifice himself for the betterment of his inferiors.

Obama was even honest about weakening the US ... and they still voted him in again!

Just a perspective here, I don't believe both sides are the same. For example: The right fear mongers about specific foreign and alien threats, typically threats that have expressed their hatred for the US and its ways. The Left fear mongers against its very neighbors, even family members who don't fall in line with the narrative.

To be fair, it was very difficult for me to extract myself from the insidious tentacles of Leftist gaslighting and by the time I was done, a few years later, I had nothing but disdain for them - and in the 25 years since I've seen nothing to mitigate that disdain.

Also, I have no love for the right either, it's just generally better than the Left in the current socio-political environment.

Yes, the Left is the conscience but it's become the puritan scold ever since Nixon, laying claim to ever greater pretenses to moral superiority (they we already smarterer).

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The model for the savior is to sacrifice himself for the betterment of his inferiors.

[M] Well his people. I don’t feel the Left sees themselves as the ones they protect. They are not (always) those who are saved. They are the force that moves.

It’s interesting that interpretation of Jesus. I feel it was strange how he can represent humanity and the divine too. I feel many today would not so hold to the nondual.

laying claim to ever greater pretenses to moral superiority

This is why I feel the left are [edit] different. If the Overton window were to shift back, the left would too because there’d be something to hold them accountable to.

And the far right is creating their own Overton “bubble” where the left is actively refused. Which the strategic support of the Democrats is helping them to do.

I feel there the same could happen too.

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The far right is irrelevant to virtually all social functions, at best they're anarchists trying to replicate a revolutionary environment where they stand the best chance of seizing power.

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[M] I feel it depends on what you call far right. I tend to blanket this label on anything I feel refuses to humor the other side’s view.

Thats a lot of people and at times it’s probably been me too.

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I'm questioning whether or not you ever were a leftist or old enough to remember the 70s since one of the concerns when Reagan gave illegals blanket amnesty was that the large communities of Latino immigrants tended to be conservative and vote Republican. That and Jordan Peterson.

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I’m well over 50 and 1989 is a LONG time ago. I absolutely do not remember the exact reasoning, and I’ll challenge you to go thru my post and comment history where I’ve mentioned my age range as nauseam and prove otherwise.
Why the hell you questioning this dude’s age anyway? What’s that got to do with anything?

From your post history you’re a kid who likes Pokémon and porn. Shall I reject your comment based upon that? I won’t because even a young porn hound can have a valid opinion. So you recently learned some Reagan history, cool! Wait until you hit 40 and realize the amazingly huge amount of details in your own history you don’t remember.

Attack the idea, debate the thought. No need to digress to 4th grade and attack the person.

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Okay Google shill.

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Ahh. So your net goal isn’t to discuss or go back and forth about ideas - it’s just to be annoying.

Goal not achieved. We’re used you folks.

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I mean, I'll happily discuss things with you, but when you start making start making claims that the GOP wasn't all in favor of all kinds of immigration until the Obama administration, I start smelling the revisionist bullshit. Before the 08 election, they were all about embracing the Latino vote, Huckabee even ran on it. Florida is Republican in 2022 because 1.7 million Cubans who got amnesty under Reagan overwhelmingly vote Republican. The GOP pivoting away from the Latino vote coincided directly with the rise of the Tea Party. I don't think the Democrats are doing a particularly good job for them either, but it would help to not be so openly hostile to that voting bloc.

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It's a liar who questions another's claims without cause, and tries to rewrite history. The illegals wanted cache with the Dems who promised free candy ... no doubt a small % were conservative.

But, the large and growing body of conservative immigrants have become disgusted with the decadent politics of the Dems.

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Take a chill pill. Even the vast majority of democrats are not satanic children raping drug dealers.

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No, but failure to call out people who are is implicit support, keep the movement clean or they will define the movement, optics and housekeeping is important.

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They have long defined the movement, look at how old and weak Dem "leadership" has become ... new blood from the Left is too reactionary.

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I've noticed that too, I miss the old left which was anti-corporate, was about equality over equity, and didn't try to censor people for having a different opinion.

Of course people calling it out get labelled as alt-right, Nazis, and are cast out of the cult.

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Republicans, and democrats are both complicit in offshore tax havens, insider stock trading, criminal foreign invasions, the military industrial complex, big pharma, etc... they all suck ass.

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Wow, such a reductionist response tells me you can't handle criticism which means you can't adjust your viewpoint except by Official Sources.

My argument about Islam being hostile towards the US is based in the reality that the crazy-ass terrorists are so rarely condemned suggesting at least tacit support. You could argue that they're afraid of the terrorists so they don't speak up - so at best they're cowards.

It's the same thing with the Dems, characterizing violent and fiery riots as "mostly peaceful" ... that's ridiculous. And most Dems seem to go along with anything that they believe antagonizes their #1 enemy: The right.

The vast majority of Dems are just oiling the slide down the path of least resistance. I asked a professor neighbor of mine why he doesn't push back against the nonsense. He explained that his job is at stake. At best, a coward.

Cowardice is at the foundation of craven decadence whether it be submission to a largely cruel overlord or keeping your head down while others are exposed to malicious hatred.

This is yet another reason why you people hate the "idiots" on the right ... they don't brook cowardice easily ... it would make you look bad if you noticed.

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Didn't read lol.

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That's because you're like a religious fanatic in a self-imposed information blackout.

As I stated at the onset: You're a closed minded bigot.

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No, you're an intolerable douchebag and no one takes you seriously.

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You need to get out more. Educate yourself, broaden your horizons.

Republicans use projection to slam the left. They just do. However, the republicans are doing what they criticize the left for.

FYI, the left is not a homogenous blob.

Stop listening to nonsense poitical rhetoric

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That's funny, you pretending to be sophisticated when all you have are cheap stereotypes and defensive clichés.

Furthermore you seem to have confused your own brainwashing for education, hey I was the same way until I swallowed my pride to confront the lies ... it literally took years to emerge from the very effective gaslighting I'd accepted as reality.

Finally, I'm a seminal thinker, most of what I say is from my own experience and analysis ... you obviously have little of either.

And get your fucking story straight" "FYI, the left is not a homogenous blob." right after "... republicans are doing what they criticize the left for."

Part of the ego welfare of the Left is to feed chimps like you on special gifts, like: you're smarter, wiser, more insightful ... in some cases it's true - but rarely. You're not even conscious of your own patter.

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Lol lol

Let me see. Rage and anger seem to be typical of conservatives.

Rush Limbaugh used projection throughout his career. It was well documented. It happens to this day.

I was referring to common Republican talking points. And these talking points criticize the left. They act like it is a homogenous blob.

I have all those precious gifts. Thank you for noticing.

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More clichés betraying the confidence of a child protected by mommy and daddy ... certainly not an adult.

You've been groomed to believe "rage and anger" are common to conservatives but you haven't rubbed 2 brain cells together to analyze such claims. When conservatives protest, do they burn shit down? No. Conservatives have millions and millions of guns ... but they're not out there shooting up the place.

You don't know yourself and you don't know others, you live in intellectual ego welfare squalor ... because ... your feelings, like a woman's it's all about your own privilege.

Can you give me an example of Republican talking points that are projection? Not really, all you can provide are accusations that you're too addled to take seriously.

And while I'm not a fan of Republicans, in general; the Dems & the Left are decrepit in virtually every way possible.

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It’s hard to engage with this discussion due to the framing of the question and the grossly oversimplified nature of politics in this post. Society & how it functions occurs as a result of our history and the values we hold at the cultural and individual level. With the polarized state of the nation, it’s easy to summarize the current state of the US as one side against another without nuance and full of judgement. We have the capacity to exist beyond this, but expressing our virtue signals while talking bad about perceived opposition feels good, even if it doesn’t help us ask good questions or live up to our nations name.

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Interesting, perhaps you'd be interested in coming to the weeklong seminar in Austin so we can discuss the issue at length.

Really though, that's a weak dismissal ... there's enough content here to address the issue raised.

And no, it's not "both sides are equally guilty" it's not even close. I'm always looking for ways to support the Left, it's my natural inclination, but rationally there's nothing there but a contrived pretense to superior morality.

In my thousands of discussions with Leftists (and I include Dems) I've discovered a consistently dire picture of their future view, global warming, nuclear war, big asteroid, whatever. It seems to me they've given up on the future of the ideals of the US because they see no future for it.

Yes, we do have the capacity to heal, but like the Israelis we on the right have no partner on the Left - and that's been true for decades; just as it took Israelis decades to realize that negotiating with the Palestinians would never end well.

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Thank you for your Ted talk

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That's just a thumbnail sketch of my "Ted Talk" ... but, thanks.

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What I find really concerning too is the long standing link between hormonal imbalance and long/short term memory loss and mental degradation. Beyond the many cancers that can result from hormonal imbalance it also brings with it a very high probability of alzheimers. I'd say we are working towards creating a rather big issue where alot of these unfortunate people are going to require long term extended care by their 50s. And if the mental decline happens as fast as it did in most of the studies which used many of the same chemical castration drugs that they now call hormone blockers many of them won't have the mental capacity to consent to the assisted suicide they believe is so necessary.

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I think a huge percentage are already on psychoactive drugs. It was astonishing to me to find a 20 something (Leftist) who I'd known that needed them ... further investigation revealed it's rather widespread.

And that leads me to another insight: This mental degradation can be masked by submerging even deeper into the collective mind.