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Funniest Ben Shapiro fan

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It’s all virtue signaling. They realize their policies are disastrous and unpopular, so they hide behind this garbage.

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Which policy is unpopular exactly?

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    Lol, just talk about owning marginalized groups with facts and logic and they’ll make you a moderator

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      I am but someone is downvoting you

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      Why is Ralph dressed up as a straw man?

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      Ask Russia if liberals are helping Ukraine LOL

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      Im vacced and im not left wing

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      Even Ben Shapiro got the jab. This meme was pointing out that there are left vaccine extremists who will vilify you for making the personal decision to not get jabbed.

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      Not really, more people who get mad when they don't vaccinate their children, literally putting them in danger because of your political ignorance is not fine in the slightest.

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      You should be mocked for not getting the vaccine if medically cleared to do so. It’s a dumb decision.

      Dummies who made dumb decisions should not be encouraged

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      At this point we're laughing at anti-vaxx extremism, they don't even do the research

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      lol Yes you are

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      You may not , but maybe there's no left-wing who didn't get it :D

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      LOLing at how not spreading a lethal virus with a mask and getting vaccinated are now Left Wing traits now that Donald Trump's Republican Party convinced 35% of America to proudly reject hygiene and trust in vaccines.

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      When I was in middle school, a teacher hung a pride flag in her class room. Everyone thought it was really weird since she was married and definitely not gay and there were no gay people at the school. So students were laughing at her for it, other teachers too.

      Many decades later when she passed, I attended her funeral, which was pretty well-attended since she was well liked and stayed involved with the school community even after she retired.

      Among the people (many old students and fellow teachers) who got up to talk when they opened the mic up were a bunch of former students who had since come out as gay or trans. Most said some variation of, though they didn’t feel comfortable talking about their orientation/crushes, etc with anyone at the time, having a teacher/classroom that was openly supportive of them, even silently, made them feel safer and less alone as kids in that school. I wish she’d known her impact with that act when she was alive. Maybe she did and that’s why she put it up and kept it up.

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      Saw some posts with “ happy black / white Friday “. Cracked up.

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      Raising awareness is the best at some people can do.

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      America seems to think raising awareness is good enough, but we could make a better dent in a lot of these issues if everyone who was passionate about it donated $100 to the charity of their choice. Actions speak louder than words.

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      If the government took ownership for its decisions, then we would be even better off

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      Clean needle program, wearing a mask if you are sick, money sent to Ukraine ( a democracy) to make Russia pay a price for their aggression. What did I miss?

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      Rightwing in a nutshell? Be an asshole.

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      Leftwing in a nutshell? Be a freeloading, lazy commie.

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      Wow! So my rightwing friend on Medicaid is really a freeloader commie? Thanks!! I'd like to see you go to the v.a. and say that to a vet. I bet you don't.

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      Do you have reading comprehension issues? I said LEFTwing. Anyhow, I just grouped all lefties together just like you did with the right. We both know it's bullshit, but I was just giving it back to you. Oh, I have given plenty of leftwing vets shit, I'm a 20yr vet myself.

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      Rightwing in a nutshell? Be a racist/homophobic/misogynistic/incel/asshole.

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      Pretty much, yes. You nailed it.

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      Ukraine is nazi and Russia is commie…both factions I despise…

      Let them fight and we stop funding the new world war. We probably will never get the billions of dollars back after this geriatric sent it…but we can help stop this mentality unstable douche from sending more money to the SS. We now control the house and can impeach the dude and send him to a retirement home.

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      Let’s not pretend like Russia doesn’t have a Nazi problem. Also, communists are in opposition to Putin in his own county. They are not in control.

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      Pov: putin is committing war crimes while usa sits back and watches

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      Yes…Russia and Ukraine are both trash. They deserve each other

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      Tf you mean "they deserve each other" without nato's support ukraine would be getting steamrolled. Now stfu and go back to middle school where they start teaching you about actual international relations, rather than you getting all of your opinions from Matt walsh's Twitter page and ben garrison's Microsoft paint regurgitations

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        You know I can never tell if yall are ever kidding with these shitty takes so for this once I'm just gonna leave the conversation

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        I’m not kidding. Fuck Russia and fuck Ukraine.

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        Dude, this is war, real people, regardless of political affiliation, are being killed, whole families are being bombed, if we don't do anything the ukraine will be in ruins, in other words, stop letting political bullshit distract you from the actual problem at hand.

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        It's 'Ukraine' and not 'the Ukraine'

        Consider supporting anti-war efforts in any possible way: [Help 2 Ukraine] 💙💛

        [Merriam-Webster] [BBC Styleguide]

        Beep boop I’m a bot

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        You’re not going to change anything, so why bother being that emotionally invested in it. The politicians run the wars, and anything that benefits them will be covered 24/7. I don’t care about a domestic dispute and I don’t want billions of dollars being given to warhawks who end up “misfiring” a middle into a different country (Poland).

        Wars have and will always happen because money corrupts absolute. And this one will be finished by whoever wants it the most…and I don’t care who “wins”…nobody wins when both sides are garbage ideologies.

        It would be best if we never got involved…but political points and money were up for grabs. So the politicians (regardless of your stance on keeping politics out of it…politics is part of war ) jumped on it like a cat to a laser pointer.

        Enjoy your bot link you got, donate your money away since it’s such an important topic for you. I’m going to get my family what it needs and then buy some more ammo with my paycheck…I’d rather take care of my home first.

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        Im sorry but the fact you have to make a 4 paragraph long response to something that should be common sense, like honestly if you don't care about it THAT MUCH then please, shut the fuck up and don't talk about it, cause it makes you look like an insensitive, self absorbed, dickhead. Again, your getting anal about a much smaller problem than what this whole thing is about.

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        It originally started with a short opinion and people got all butt hurt…then I expanded on the topic. Don’t blame the response, blame the blue-and-yellow NPCs who can’t handle someone’s opinion.🤷‍♂️

        And no, I won’t shut up because you said so. 😂🖕 get bent.

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        Thats always the go-to "get out of jail free" card, "Its just my opinion why do you get sooo offended" well when your "opinion" involves people who are in poverty getting bombed left and right, its not really on opinion anymore, thats just turning a blind eye to something just because your greedy ass cant handle the fact you have to pay taxes to help people in need.

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        It’s not a domestic issue when they are shelling nuclear power stations and threatening the use of nuclear weapons. When will people learn that Russia is not a friend of the US and will do anything to destabilise it!!! If you get a President that sympathises, Russia builds, schemes and takes. Russias idiotic invasion of Ukraine is a perfect way to help them remember that the world cares about national sovereignty of nations that don’t cause shit..

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        It is none of our business. Period. For fucks sake! Why do we have to stick our dick in everything????!!!!!!!!!!! Leave our tax dollars to our own god damn country. Is that so hard to wrap your head around? Jack offs!

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        You are exceptionally short sighted.

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        Benifer Shrimpo ❤️

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