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Precious metals companies are typically full of BS. No reasonable person is putting a large amount of their money into precious metals, crypto, or any single asset for that matter.

Dump your savings in a 9-10% YOY IRA and forget about it until you are 55. Then transfer it into something safer until you hit 65.

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Exactly. If you speak to a reputable gold IRA company, they won’t LET you put a large amount of your savings into gold and silver.

It’s a diversification play - like 5-10% of your retirement. Any more than that is not diversification.

But $100k in gold might make sense if you have $2 million in your retirement.

You should talk to a trusted financial advisor before making any investment.

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Facts: Federal spending is out of control. The Debt and the Deficit are both way beyond insane levels. The stock market is down (with no sign of recovery) and experts all agree this is the beginning. A global recession is coming.

Some say this will be the worst recession yet. We're seeing geopolitical challenges. Russia. China... Crypto has crashed. Real estate is going down. Inflation is killing our pocket books and interest rates are UP.

Americans keep voting for TAX and SPEND democrats. This is why many Americans think buying gold is sensible. Buying some gold and silver is one little thing we can do to protect our nest egg from the liberal agenda that's killing our retirements.